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“Je suis Charlie, Paris est Charlie” France and Islamic State terrorism : News Update & Why the country is a target

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There was an expectation in Paris, a fear, that an attack was about to occur. Police officers were saying it’s not whether an attack will take place but when, that is the only question And of course, Charlie Hebdo was one of the likely targets of the terrorists.

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Amedy Coulibaly, the hostage-taker of the Porte de Vincennes , Paris, and the shooting suspect of Montrouge (Paris surroundings)  , was killed during the assault launched late afternoon Friday, January 9 (Source:

3 terrosistes france
The three terrorists .The two from the left are the Kouachi brothers and the last’s one girlfriend : Hayat Boumeddienne actively wanted by the police

Several hostages were released . Four people were found dead in the kosher store and four others seriously injured . At the same time, the two suspects (Kouachi brother) of the attack on Charlie Hebdo were killed in Dammartin-en-Goële in Seine-et-Marne , where they were holed up since the beginning of the day, Friday, January 9 . Their hostages, thankful to Jesus and Allah and all the others, are unharmed.

Police have appealed for witnesses regarding the  two “dangerous persons” in connection with the shooting of Montrouge and the taking of hostages in Paris. The woman ,named Boumeddiene Hayat , was born June 26 , 1988. The man Amedy Coulibaly, was born on 27 February 1982. According to France 2, they were friends with Kouachi borthers.  .

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“These big Chefs who succeed abroad”

The US terrorism blacklist contained the names of Kouachi brothers as well. The eldest, Said was in Yemen, in the past,and  getting trained by an al – Qaeda in Yemen , says a US official . When they launched the attack on “Charlie Hebdo” they shouted that they were a part of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Meanwhile tonight, the city of Montpellier  was faced with a robbery. According to the local journal Midi Libre, one or two men broke into a jewelry store located downtown , near the Rue de la Loge , taking two hostages. “The store is surrounded by the police” the local daily reported.

  • Why France?

A deadly gun attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has shocked France the last days. As the attackers are confirmed to be Islamist extremists, it is the latest tragic example of the growing threat posed by radical Islam in Europe.

France, which has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe and an interventionist foreign policy, has already been at the sharp end of such violence. Just last month, two attacks were carried out in the space of a weekend, apparently motivated by Islamist extremism.

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In March 2012, Mohammed Merah, a self-styled al Qaeda jihadist, killed seven people, including soldiers and Jewish children, in a series of attacks in the southwestern city of Toulouse.

Jihadist fighters

French extremists have also been active beyond their country’s borders.

Mehdi Nemmouche, a Frenchman accused of the deadly shooting at Belgium’s Jewish Museum in May, recently spent a year in Syria and is a radicalized Islamist, according to French officials. Prosecutors say that when police arrested Nemmouche in France, they also seized a Kalashnikov rifle wrapped in a flag bearing the ISIS insignia.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said last month that his country had never faced a greater terrorist threat.

Nearly 400 French extremists are fighting alongside jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, according to French officials last month, with more on their way. Meanwhile, 234 have left the conflict zone, with 185 now back in France. French economic situation and misery in some provinces, makes french young people an easy bait for jihadist recruiters to convert them. French police say they have thwarted five terror plots since the summer of 2013.

European officials say the threat of terrorist attack in the European Union is greater than at any time since 9/11 because of the emergence of jihadist safe havens in Syria and Iraq.

But no country faces a greater terrorist threat than France, he said, with support for ISIS running deep among disenfranchised immigrant communities in the run-down, crime-ridden banlieues, or suburbs, that surround many French towns.

Adding fuel to the fire, France joined the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS last year. The French military is also involved in fighting Islamist extremists in the African nation of Mali.

Following the expansion of the coalition bombing campaign into Syria, a senior ISIS leader for the first time called for attacks against Western citizens.

He specifically urged lone-wolf attacks in the United States and France — two countries that had already been conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. And the group singled out what it called “the spiteful and filthy French” for punishment.

Britain, Spain targets as well.

Britain has also been a target in recent years of violent attacks by Islamist extremists.

In May 2013, a soldier was killed in the street in southeast London in a bloody attack by two converts to Islam who ran him down with a car before attacking him with a machete. They are both now serving long prison sentences.

Britain raised its terror threat level to severe last summer. And UK Home Secretary Theresa May, outlining new counterextremism policies in November, highlighted the threat posed by extremists returning from Iraq and Syria.

More than 500 have traveled there from Britain, she said, joining “thousands” from other European and Western nations.

Going farther back in time, the July 2005 bomb attacks on London’s public transit network left more than 50 people dead and hundreds more injured. The four men who carried out the attack were Muslims, one a convert.

Spain’s public transit system, too, has been in the sights of suspected Islamist extremists. In 2004, the bombings of commuter trains killed 191 people and injured 1,800. Islamic militants with possible ties to al Qaeda were designated later as the prime suspects.

The Netherlands has also been impacted by extremism. In 2004, Dutch director Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death by a member of a radical Islamic group after his short film “Submission” used verses from the Quran written on women’s bodies to criticize the treatment of women in some Islamic cultures.

Newspapers in Norway and Denmark prompted furious demonstrations around the world in 2005 when they ran cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Any depiction of Islam’s prophet is considered blasphemy by many Muslims.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the rising tensions, Charlie Hebdo , which also satirizes Christianity and other faiths ,also published cartoons of Mohammed, spurring protests and the burning of the magazine’s office three years ago.

Its last cartoon before Wednesday’s attack featured a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the words, “And, above all, health.”

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One way of expressing solidarity with the victims, and opposition to the killers, would be to purchase a subscription to the satirical (often deliberately offensive) publication, whether for yourself or for a local library.

In the U.K. and other english speaking countries, subscriptions to Charlie Hebdo are conveniently available through some online very well known e-commerces.

Amazon promised that it transfer to Charlie Hebdo magazine all commissions that would be collected on sales of products offered on the marketplace by commercial parties using “+Je suis Charlie+ the merchandiser announced.

The surviving staff said that next week’s issue will be published on schedule. Charlie Hebdo had a lot of financial problems as people were reticent to buy it in France.
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