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What was the reaction in Greece & in the Near – Middle East regarding “Charlie Hebdo” terrorist attack.

Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo lampooning Greece, Near and Middle East.

Caricatures de Charlie Hebdo parlant de Grèce, du Proche et du Moyen Orient.

*Some cartoons might shock some beliefs* *certaines caricatures peuvent choquer quelques croyances*

The Arab League

The Arab League and Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious educational institution, have condemned the massacre at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in the first reactions from the Arab world to the attack that reportedly killed at least 12 people and injured 10 when two unidentified gunmen opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles in its Paris offices shouting “Allah Akbar,” or “Allah is great.”


Under the motto «Je Suis Charlie», residents of Athens were gathered this time at the French Institute , to protest against the murderous attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

charlie hebdo greece

charlie hebdo satirise greece

  • publishes a cartoon talking about Greece’s austerity program showing a guy on a bike asking Angela Merkel if he’s riding in the right direction.

charlie hebdo greece dictature

  • publishes a historical front cover:
    “Chile , Greece : The army tortures ,the order reigns.” This front cover was released by Charlie Hebdo, on November 26, 1973 ,some days after the Polytechnic uprising in Greece .


More interesting reactions are coming from Turkey.

As Hurriyet Daily news reported, which is one of the few democratic media in Turkey, two Islamist newspapers in Turkey have drawn ire on social media with their headlines that “justified” the deadly attack on the satirical newspaper.

charlie hebdo turkey

Hours after gunmen stormed the offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest), Yeni Akit newspaper chose the title, “Attack on the magazine that provoked Muslims.”

Several reader comments also appeared on Yeni Akit’s Facebook page, which hailed the bloodshed as “revenge” for the magazine’s decision to publish cartoons that criticized the Prophet Mohammad.

“I hope they will continue [to kill] infidels,” said one reader on the website, while another reader wrote “Thanks to those who did it.”

The deaths of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists particularly shocked their counterparts at the Turkish satirical magazine Leman.

In the past they had published joint issues and Leman’s Managing Editor Zafer Aknar told euronews the French cartoonists has sought them out to demonstrate that Islamophobia is unacceptable.

Todays Zaman reported that Turkey’s Religious Affairs Director had said that Charlie Hebdo attack targets Muslims.

Erdogan is shown on this cartoon saying that : Turkey will not buy arms from France anymore to kill Kurds. This article was published after the vote of the French parliament recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
Erdogan Gezi protests 2013
Erdogan is shown here saying that he’s not giving up nothing regarding social turmoil in Turkey during 2013.
charlie hebdo cartoons turkey
UP: Again Erdogan says to the police as he regards protesters “You can pull, imagine there are Armenians”.
Down: In Istanbul 2013, a protester says that “Erdogan gives everything to see us veiled”.


Cyprus media were shocked by the amplitude of the violence in “Charlie Hebdo” saying that France is on alert.

chypre charlie hebdo
During the bailout of 2013 Charlie Hebdo drew a catoon entitled: The Russian depositors in Cyprus saying “We would have been able to hide our Euros in Luxembourg, they are very rich, Brussels never annoys them.

Israel & Palestine

In Israel about 50 attendees – some who knew some of the victims personally – held two minutes of silence for victims of shooting attack that left 12 murdered.

Haaretz, the Israeli journal wrote:

The stubbornness of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo to continue publishing provocative cartoons on its cover garnered many threats and violent reactions over the years. The worst came on Wednesday, when three masked and armed gunmen slaughtered attacked the magazine’s offices, killing 12, including two policemen.

Some media are under fire after publishing erroneous story reporting on conspiracy theorists who allege a link between Israeli intelligence and the Paris shootings.

palestine charlie hebdo
This cartoon is talking about a “seat” of Palestine in the United Nations with a UN representative saying “Is the only one left”
charlie hebdo israelo-palestinian
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict “Stop Everything! God doesn’t exist”
Palestine charlie hebdo
“So? It’s cool to have a country isn’t it?”
charlie hebdo
Charlie satirizes Nazism


“Lebanese leaders condemn Charlie Hebdo attack” says Journal states expressions by all country’s political and religious important people. Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam telephoned his French counterpart, Manuel Valls, to extend his condolences. Salam expressed Lebanon’s solidarity with the French people during their ordeal, and reiterated his condemnation of the horrible crime, adding that Islam was innocent of the violent atrocities carried out in its name.

However, publishes an interview with the Salafist sheik in Lebanon declaring “The crime  is unacceptable, the blasphemy as well”.

charlie hebdo liban
“Seedy people knife themselves. Rich people are in Côte d’Azur.”


Bachar Al-Assad calls to Sarkozy saying “Don’t let yourself get annoyed by Arabs’
charlie hebdo isis
“These big Chefs who succeed abroad”


Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry and Dar Al-Ifta, the country’s institute which issues fatwas, or Islamic religious edicts, have also both separately condemned the massacre in which famous French cartoonists and caricaturists Jean Cabut, aka Cabu, and Stéphane Charbonnier, aka Charb, were among those killed.

“Egypt stands by France in confronting terrorism, an international phenomenon that targets the world’s security and stability and which requires coordinated international efforts,” Sameh Shokry said in a statement.

Dar Al-Ifta, which in 2005 issued a fatwa against Danish cartoons satirising Islam, also expressed its condemnation of the attack, “whether it is religiously-motivated or stemmed from reckless actions,” said Ibrahim Negm, a spokesman for the institute, in a statement, according to a report in The Cairo Post.

charlie hebdo egypt
This series satirizes Arab Spring stating that”Arabs are spoiling our vacations”


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    By the way, may I ask one question? Before, there isn’t writing”think tank news” on your blog name. I also follow to your blog with interest. But “think tank” words always remind me organizations, which are trying to give shape to imperialism. I don’t know, maybe you’ve thought anything else, and I am wrong…


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