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Islamic State and Turkey’s responsabilities (Turkey as ISIS retaliation door) in Syria and Iraq

  • Photo :ISIS terrorist photo taken at the Turkish border( found on Twitter)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Turkey’s policy

Turkey’s AKP political ruling party plays is own game now for years. At the front of ISIS threat and the fear of creating a Kurdistan state into Turkey, Turkey’s government downgraded recently political issues as the Palestinian, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus (or seem like the previous year) the last days, which have been of high importance, in it’s own agenda , during the last year.

As referred  by  JPost.com this week, The AKP government has several foreign policy incentives to lower the political temperature in the eastern Mediterranean for the first three months of 2015. As believed by US is  that Turkey  must stop to  stoke tensions through “gunboat diplomacy” and that will have as an effect to chill the discussions between Turkey and Western powers within the framework of the anti-Islamic State coalition.

syria isis map january 22nd
Carte situation en Syrie/ Irak datée du 22 Janvier// ISIS Islamic State situation update as of January 22nd

The capacity for the US and other coalition powers implicated in the Operation Inherent Resolve to genuinely put out and crush ISIS has been restricted by the inner conflict of the Turkish government. Turkey is the “key” to triumph against ISIS basically in view of its key strategically area with a southern border that touches on both Iraq and Syria, ISIS two primary zones of conflict operation. If Turkey could permit coalition powers (NATO and others soon) to lead assaults from essential military bases like Incirlik air force base this could have a critical and determinant effect in the battle. Yesterday, on Feb 13th, while watching a political debate on France 5 in France, war and political analysts said that if Turkey was about to get serious involved into that conflict ISIS should be vanished (like a dust) only within 6 months. But, as Turkey wants anyhow Bachar Al-Assad down (Syrian regime), and as ISIS help with instability in Syria, they close their eyes in the front of ISIS threat in the MENA region and all people inside and outside Turkish borders are seeing that.

Moreover, their porous border is an alternate reason behind why Turkey is the ISIS rotating entryway of arms and people force retaliation, with newcomers making a trip through Turkey to Iraq and Syria and all that while “pirated ISIS oil” is being sold on Turkish black markets. Move forward on these issues would be a significant point from which forward towards will be the step of starting crushing down ISIS, and luckily, there are some diplomatic tools that the US and NATO coalition could use in order to get the Turkish government on board.

  • Islamic state’s operation “Oil smuggling through Turkey “

The oil trafficking operation into Turkey as a money source for ISIS has its own shameful history. Being a participant of the famous “Oil for Food Program 20 years ago, corrupted official authorities inside the Turkish borders were in charge of the “black oil transport” that helped Saddam Hussein fill his coffers despite the fact that Iraq was under sanctions. At present, the smuggling operation in Turkey has been based upon the legacy of “Oil for Food” and has ended up, literally, a part of its own economy . Smuggled oil change hands very quickly into Turkey’s borders and beyond into the country, without finding the trace of it and making it more difficult to find any, with the help of corrupted officials.

The oil trafficking micro-economic cycle has been especially lucrative for ISIS bringing in a revenue of $1M – $3M per day. Coalition airstrikes have endeavored great focus on destroying the supply lines, however when one line is decimated, the supply moves to an alternate zone of that famous Turkish border of more than 500 miles long.

Transporting and selling oil in black markets is ISIS’s fundamental money related life saver. The terrorist group has numerous channels and neighbors which can serve as main passages to pass through oil into “black sales markets”, a procedure which is made easier, nowadays, as the Middle East region is currently in turmoil with a lot of regional conflicts. Official and other sources said that ISIS is trafficking oil into Lebanon, Syria, and a few other neighboring nations, with Turkey being the biggest beneficiary oil black market which came out from this conflict. Since the oil itself changes hands so frequently, and because so many parties have a vested interest in keeping the money flowing, it is unsurprisingly difficult to stop this methodology. According to Newsweek, not only have the Turkish authorities been turning a blind eye to this issue, but a former ISIS terrorists was quoted saying that ISIS considers the Turks ‘allies’ in their cause.

Taking into consideration the conflict between the Turks and the Kurds, this is not surprising. President Erdogan and his environment are seemingly profiting from the current degrading situation in Syria, considering that two of Turkish current ruling environment : the rival President of Syria Mr Bashar al-Assad and also the Kurds are involved into the conflict.Plus, why you should have such an intention to help your “enemies”?

It doesn’t seem that ISIS will make progresses into Turkish grounds , given their ongoing clashes in order to control Iraq and Syria, so attempting to influence Turkey that” ISIS could be as an existential threat to Turkey ” is not a valuable argument. Therefore, US and NATO have to put more force in order to get involved Turkey more dynamically into that conflict.

Full cooperation from the Turkish government will be a major strategic moment to move more effectively and destroy ISIS. The US-led coalition partners cannot afford to leave Turkish ambivalence to continue. While the major problem is on the porous Turkish borders Erdogan’s willing of “building mosques” in the communist Cuba could be a possibility to discuss maybe in the next 100 years?

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