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The tragic scene speaks out loudly by its own. No need for words. It reminds me some american spy series which have always a good caption and a murder near a nice historical monument. This time is not an american plot, but the reality. The final scene was not played under the camera’s scope but in the eyes of Russians citizens whose freedom of expression will remain uncertain under the current ruling.

The worry of the Russian people now is that the killing would become a pivot point toward a revival of lethal violence among the leadership elite in Moscow and an intensified climate of fear in Russian domestic politics as NYTIMES says.

Boris Nemtsov, part of the unknown to the international medias the “Russian Opposition” was killed Friday night in Moscow not far from the Kremlin. His body was riddled with several bullets while he was crossing a bridge near the Kremlin , the seat of the Russian presidency . Even Spielberg wouldn’t imagine such a scene.

Boris Nemtsov had planned to organize a protest Sunday against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. The 10th of February, on a news website, he wrote “I’m afraid Putin will kill me”. Shot four times in the back, a dramatic news photo shows his body “by accident or design theatrically placed” with the Kremlin and a lighted Saint Basil’s Cathedral behind. Probably he knew it that his time was arrived, as it seems unfortunately.

His death raises indignant reactions from the international community, even if Vladimir Putin denounced provocative. On-site investigators and emergency services began their work a few minutes after the tragedy.

photos march boris nemtsov

The BBC reported: “In his last tweet, Mr Nemtsov sent out an appeal for Russia’s divided opposition to unite at an anti-war march he was planning for Sunday”, quoting him as saying, “If you support stopping Russia’s war with Ukraine, if you support stopping Putin’s aggression, come to the Spring March in Maryino on 1 March.”

boris nemtsov march protest photos

Tens of thousands of Russians marched through central Moscow on Sunday, carrying banners declaring “I am not afraid” and chanting “Russia without Putin” in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Police said 21,000 people attended the march. The organizers put the numbers at tens of thousands, but attendance appeared smaller than the 50,000 people the opposition had hoped for.

His supporters have blamed the authorities.

“If we can stop the campaign of hate that’s being directed at the opposition, then we have a chance to change Russia. If not, then we face the prospect of mass civil conflict,” Gennady Gudkov, an opposition leader, told Reuters or “The authorities are corrupt and don’t allow any threats to them to emerge. Boris was uncomfortable for them.”

How Boris Nemtsov was murdered

A car approached him while he was crossing the person.In seconds, a person pulls a gun and shoots shots . Four bullets hit the back of Boris Nemtsov , killing him instantly.

On Saturday , the Russian Investigation Committee stated “There is no doubt that this crime was carefully planned , as the venue for the murder ,” Other important information :” In all likelihood, the weapon used for the assassination is a Makarov pistol which is one of the most populars in Moscow.”

On Saturday, however, a television channel, TVTs, broadcast a surveillance video purporting to show the murder, though from a distance. Mr. Nemtsov had left a restaurant in the GUM shopping center on Red Square and was walking with his girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, a Ukrainian model.

A snowplow blocked the scene. But the video, which has not been independently verified, appears to show the shooter was hiding on a stairway on Moskvoretsky Bridge waiting for Mr. Nemtsov and Ms. Duritskaya to pass. Later, the figure of the supposed shooter runs to a getaway car that pulls up on the bridge.

However, Putin has vowed to pursue those who killed Nemtsov, calling the murder a “provocation“.

Several people witnessed the murder and the young woman who accompanied Boris Nemtsov was questioned by investigators, police said , when quoted by Russian news agencies . Rossia 24 showed images of the body of Boris Nemtsov lying on the ground on the bridge. Traces of blood were visible. As soon as the news spread, a lot of Moscow citizens came to lay flowers near where the Boris Nemtsov was killed.

National investigators who answer to the Russian leader offered a 3-million-rouble reward, around $50,000, for information on Nemtsov’s death. They say they are pursuing several lines of inquiry, including the possibility that Nemtsov, a Jew, was killed by radical Islamists or that the opposition killed him to blacken Putin’s name.

Boris Nemtsov and The Ukrainian issue

The Russian opposition has little support outside big cities and Putin has now been Russia’s dominant leader since 2000, when ailing President Boris Yeltsin chose him as his successor, a role Nemtsov had once been destined to play. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Nemtsov had told him about two weeks ago that he planned to publish evidence of Russian involvement in Ukraine’s separatist conflict.

boris nemtsov ukraine

Main Sources: yahoo,, wikipedia, and twitter

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5 thoughts on “From Russia with Love”

  1. An interesting and tragic murder again. I’ve read what the really CKP(Следственный Комитет России)Russian Investigation Committee said, by researching and RT web links. I must confess it reminded me cold war era.:) Murders, investigators, secret aims etc, etc. I’ve chosen read that links because however there are always translation mistakes from Russian:).And yes, CKP had said that “The fact that the crime was planned carefully, there is no doubt”. But there are more statements. “When considering the method of killing, weapons, ammunition, and other circumstances, the law enforcement officials are inclined to believe that a crime is likely to have been committed by non-professionals, perhaps even too ignorant to know who exactly are their goal.”…The official representative of the Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin also says “the murder may have been committed for purposes of provocation to destabilize the political situation in the country.” According to him, the figure Nemtsov could become “a kind of sacred sacrifice for those who did not disdain to use any means to achieve their political goals.”..”In this case, the version is discussed linking the murder of policy events in Ukraine.”
    “If we follow the version of provocation, then, according to investigators, we can not exclude involvement in the murder in central Moscow, the Ukrainian nationalists, for example, the militants of the banned in Russia “Right Sector” or volunteer corps, acting on the side of Kiev.”… and “Detectives found many similarities between the murder of Anna Politkovskaya and Nemtsov.”
    “Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya” can be read with this same title on the wikipedia.
    And I think, it should always consider who will be a profitable after an event. I can only see Putin’s profit can be drowning oppositions sounds out. Furthermore, the damage he will gain so much that, in the absence of opposite sounds. But there are the powers, who will gain more profitable more than Putin.


    1. I don’t believe that Putin was not involved at all. Mr Nemtsov was going to reveal how Kremlin was involved in the Ukrainian issue. Maybe Putin scheduled it like that in order to show that “the hit was made by amateurs”. However, all these stay in the sphere of conspiracy theories. That´s why i chose as a title “With Russia with Love”. Unfortunately, i don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian , i’m sure that the UKrainian press might have revealed more information about this issue. Thanks for the update

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t realise that I was seemed to have made criticism to your post. I ve just wanted to add the others statements. And if there is my criticism is always about western media(BBC-CNN and the others), and you know that, my Earthling friend. I would like to read your post as always. I wasn’t here around last three days, maybe I made my comment more details lengthen:)


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