Saudi-led Yemen offensive targets Houthi militias, missiles

SITUATION YEMEN 28 MARCH 2015, More details :
Insurgency in Yemen detailed Map

  • Green: Controlled by Houthis forces and Saleh loyalists
  • Orange: Controlled by Yemeni government forces
  • Grey:Controlled by AQAP forces
  • Yellow: Controlled by Southern Movement

  • The Saudi Arabia coalition led initiative in Yemen on Friday focused on Houthi local army movements and ballistic rocket platforms as well different positions of the Iranian-backed rebels over the north and south of the nation, a military representative said on Friday.

    “Operation Decisive Storm,” led by Saudi and a coalition of Middle East countries allies against Iranian-supported Houthi volunteer armies who are endeavoring to remove Yemen’s universally recognized government, had completed its second day.

    Saudi warplanes focused on Houthi positions in both south and north of the Yemeni nation, with an emphasis on Houthi powers attempting to convey along the Yemen-Saudi border, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported representative of the Saudi-led coalition forces Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri as saying.

    Coalition military forces likewise focused on all air defensive positions, including surface-to-air rockets systems, anti-aircrafts artillery and ballistic missiles platforms, the spokesman added.

    Moreover, coalition fighter jets focused on the Houthi-controlled al-Anad airbase outside of the southern port city of Aden, the last main stronghold of Yemeni President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi’s government.

    A bridge seriously utilized by the Houthi local militias to transport supplies and convenient ballistic rockets was likewise focused on, unveiling that the Houthi local armies were attempting to move their fortifications between the northern Saada Province towards the capital Sanaa.

    The Saudi-drove coalition had kept up complete air amazingness, making Houthi powers powerless and permitting all developments on the ground to be checked day and night, said the representative.

    UAE aviation based armed forces planes had likewise completed a mission over Yemen on Friday, the representative said. The Saudi-led coalition had maintained complete air supremacy, making Houthi forces vulnerable and allowing all movements on the ground to be monitored around the clock.

    Because of the substantial volume of air strikes, the representative encouraged Yemeni regular civilians to avoid the wide array of Houthi targets, including local army focuses, guards and logistics vehicles over the north and south of the country, including that Houthi fighters may endeavor to utilize people as human shields.

    The operation would proceed until it accomplishes its military objectives – specifically the disjoining of Houthi logistics and supplies, the representative included.

    Around the same time, Prince Mutaib container Abdullah, the minister of the national guard, visited the airbase and met with military officials.

    Sources: Reuters,, Cnn, Image source Twitter

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