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Funny conspiracy theories that nationalists believe and spread about an upcoming war between Greece and Turkey and Turkey as the ” Antichrist nation”

Back in 2004,Mr Joel Richardson in my book “The Islamic Antichrist,”  made the following prediction:

While presently, there is not any pressing reason to see Turkey as the leader of an imminent world empire, this is nevertheless what Ezekiel prophesied. … Today the Islamic world is awaiting the restoration of that caliphate. The Bible teaches that someday soon the Turkish Empire will be revived.” 

On this was resumed into :Turkey’s Neo-Ottomanist Recep Tayyip Erdogan  will lead Turkey  to the expansive actions a new world war, the third world war. This is an imminent threat for Greece.These “prophesies” of the an American  ( so -called fantasy) writer, Joel Richardson, whose books are widely commented in the neighboring country, Turkey,are causing a lot of debate and concern for the country’s future. (Really? On Hurriyet the biggest Turkish online newspaper i couldn’t find anything relevant)Indeed, as mentioned, the crisis in Syria and the general situation in the Middle East which strongly resembles a powder keg, strengthens the view of the key role to be played by Turkey in the explosion of a new world war.

Joel Richardson argues that Antichrist will not come from Europe , as some claim , or any western country , but from the Middle East. Turkey , according to the American evangelist! as the greeknation blog calls him, seeks to return to the Middle East as a dominate power through a new Ottoman Empire and for this reason that should be causing an immediate alarm to “all the other good nations” to counter this threat , which according to Richardson, is a threat of the Antichrist itself represented in Turkey itself.

turkey flag

The author continues saying that :In 2005, the National Intelligence Council produced a report called, “Mapping the Global Future: Project 2020.” According to this report, within the next several years, we may expect to see the emergence of a fledgling caliphate, or revived Islamic empire. After a research through google and on the official site i was not able to find a story or an article relevant about this report except from people who are taking the author’s views and repaste them without searching for a solid report.

The author also gives as a of what is the NIC , to make you feel that is a very important report:

For those unfamiliar with the NIC, below is a self-description from its website:

“The NIC is a center of strategic thinking within the U.S. Government, reporting to the Director of National Intelligence and providing the president and senior policymakers with analyses of foreign-policy issues that have been reviewed and coordinated throughout the Intelligence Community. Our work ranges from brief analyses of current issues to ‘over the horizon’ estimates of broader trends at work in the world.”

3 lines later, he takes us back to articles he wrote :

In 2009, long before the Arab Spring was even faintly on anyone’s radar, in an article titled, “Will Turkey Lead a Revised Islamic Empire?” I continued to discuss the merging of geopolitical trends with biblical prophecy pointing to the coming emergence of Turkish regional leadership in the Middle East. At that time, I made the following statement:

“For over 500 years, the Turkish Ottomans ruled the Middle East, and, in the years to come, they will arise once again as a regional superpower. And much of the world will welcome this as a positive development.”

Just after that he comes with his own prediction:

In 2011, on the very first day the riots began in Egypt, I made the following prediction:

“As the present era of Arab dictators comes to an end, the model that will be looked to is Turkey. And Turkey will be all too willing to lend its support in the establishment of these new Islamic democracies. The Obama administration will also fully support Turkey in her regional endeavors to this end.”

His 2012 predictions and “destructions explained according to his point of view “

Now here we are in 2012. This past week, precisely as I have been predicting since 2004, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made the following statement:

“We will manage the wave of change in the Middle East. Just as the ideal we have in our minds about Turkey, we have an ideal of a new Middle East. We will be the leader and the spokesperson of a new peaceful order, no matter what they say.”

And again, precisely as predicted, on our side, Vice President Joe Biden, on behalf of the Obama administration, came out and openly expressed support for a neo-Ottoman era of Turkish dominance in the Middle East.

At a fundraising event for the Obama re-election campaign, Biden addressed a group of roughly 200 influential members of the Turkish-American community. In speaking of the Obama administration’s view of Turkey’s reassertion of power in the region, Biden said, “We’re looking for Turkish leadership in the rest of that entire region.”

In my own opinion ,i believe that Mr Richardson is just an opportunist who is making stories about the middle east in order to sell some more books. The wrong thing with these kind of manipulators is that they work sometimes in big medias taking some points of the history and in three seconds they see the “Antichrist” coming to invade USA. Is the best guy you can pay to come speak to your church or synagogue ;individual groups and training about Islam threat are from now on open.

joel richardson

The Antichrist is the next door guy

One of my favorite commentators is G.H. Lang (1874–1958). Lang was a magnificent British expositor whose commentary on the book on Daniel received the highest endorsement from the legendary biblical scholar F.F. Bruce. In Lang’s “The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel,” he said the following:

Therefore the Antichrist will be the king of Assyria with Babylon as his capital, which of old was in the dominion of Seleucus, who gained the eastern area of the empire of Alexander. Thus when the Antichrist arises, he will not come at Rome, or any where else in the west. Had this been understood, many vain and misleading speculations would have been avoided, such that of the pope, or the Papacy, or Napoleon, or others being he. And when he comes, his military efforts will be expended mainly upon Egypt and the south, the east, and Palestine.

All of these men of God foresaw the Antichrist and his empire as arising from the same region where we have now witnessed the re-establishment of an Islamic caliphate. All of these men looked to the words of the Hebrew prophets and came to similar conclusions. They foresaw in quite a remarkable way what has now unfolded before all of us. As radical Muslims continue to murder, kidnap, rape, behead, crucify and slaughter their way across the Middle East, now it the time for the Church to wake up and diligently study the Scriptures to discern if all of these events indeed provide us with a genuine harbinger of the coming Antichrist and the soon coming return of Jesus.

Richardson, a 40-year-old decorative painter from Missouri who jokingly refers to his writings as “an expensive hobby,” presents his prophecies as straightforward interpretations of the Bible, including the Book of Revelation.

Revelation, which never actually uses the word “Antichrist,” is one of the first Christian texts to cast its rivals as Satan’s spawn. Many scholars say phrases like “the mark of the beast” and “666” are coded references to the Emperor Nero, who persecuted Christians.

The only thing I can find on his earlier life is that he used to live in the Middle East (Where?), working as an artist (right). I don’t believe that he ever lived in Middle East. Then he had a major epiphany about the Muslims and suddenly became an expert on the Koran, writing a book “exposing the deadly threat to the West.” He seems to be quite prolific and has quite a few more books out, one recently on the Anti-Christ arising from the Muslim world.

An “Islamic Antichrist?” Joel Richardson Still Predicting A Muslim Satanic Figure




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  1. I suppose, imperialists started to wring its hands again. Those who most happy such a news of course, are fascists and racists, who feed by imperialists. I do not like the news, but I liked to your comment inside this post.


    1. My friend, unfortunately people who have little knowledge, how the others looks like, they use to find extreme ways such as the art of war in order to fulfill their empty in sense imperialist interests

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      1. It does not change anything on this planet, century ago was same and now it is the same ignorance. Nobody learns lesson for the history, unfortunately.


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