ISIS and Water

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One of the first ways in which ISIS signalled a major threat to particularly Iraqi stability was how close they got to controlling key dams in Iraq. In fact, in addition to the more photogenic Yezidis, protecting these dams was a key priority of the beginning stages of Obama’s anti-ISIS intervention. How protected, or threatened, are those water resources today?


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One thought on “ISIS and Water”

  1. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) headquartered in Washington, DC, without any reason, has prepared a report entitled “the Middle East’s water problem”, in 1986. In the report, such as the prophecies that the drought which reduced the river flow in the region will increase, water will be more valuable than oil, were made, and it was included in the results of the research in daily life:

    The most interesting part was that:
    “Nile, Tigris and the Euphrates … In the Middle East, a future war, surely will be the sharing of the waters of three rivers …”

    From those days to these days, to set up the puppet state of Kurdistan in the Middle East has emerged due to the water problem. Because a state that management will actually be in the hands of the US, will be easier to deal with Syria and Turkey. The Kurdish people are never cared for them. And, the oil has not the vital importance, but the the water is a vital right. Also, Israel needs the water the most. And my prophecy is,:)

    When looking from this frame, at the end of the process which will be created this puppet state and will be taken lands away from Turkey and Iran, the world will not hear the name of the ISIS again.


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