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Fighting ISIS (ISIL, DAECH) in the Middle East update as of June 17th. 2015

  • ISIS barbarians plumb new depths of depravity with horrific video showing a ‘spy’ having his hand and foot chopped off while tied to a cross

Islamic State militants have ratcheted up their savagery with a horrific video showing an executioner hacking off a prisoner’s hand and foot while he is tied to a cross.

In shocking footage which has plumbed to new depths of depravity - even by ISIS's sickening standards - the knife-wielding jihadist is seen slicing off the man's limbs as he hangs helplessly from the wooden stake.
After the barbaric attack, the video then zooms in to show the man's corpse - dressed in an orange Guantanamo-style jumpsuit - hanging lifelessly in the middle of the desert.
Chillingly, the four-minute video even includes a 'confession' with the man before he is executed. The terror group claims it carried out the brutal killing because the man, believed to be from Iraq, was working as a spy.
  • According to Daily Mail Huge numbers of Muslims are turning to ISIS because they want SEX, claims former Islamist, who says many resent the freedoms Western youths have

A former Islamist said he believes young British Muslim men are joining ISIS because they want sex.Alyas Karmani said teenagers are at risk of being radicalised by terrorist groups because they feel isolated in ‘sexualised’ British society, and resent not having the same freedoms of Western youths to have girlfriends and intimate relationships. Bradford preacher now tours the country reaching out to young British Muslims to stop them turning to ISIS, after he was radicalised as a young man.


  • New York student arrested for alleged Isis-inspired bomb plot

US authorities have accused a New York City college student of plotting to set off a pressure cooker bomb in the city in support of the militant group Islamic State, according to court documents made public on Tuesday.

Munther Omar Saleh, 20, was arrested early on Saturday morning after he and another man got out of their car and ran toward a surveillance vehicle that had been tracking their movements, according to documents filed in federal court in Brooklyn.

  • Isis: People trafficking, smuggling and punitive taxes boost Islamic State economy

Libya’s thriving trade in smuggled Syrian and African migrants is earning militia groups such as Islamic State (Isis) over $320m per year and providing a much-needed financial lifeline for the radical terrorist group as it expands from its traditional hubs in Iraq and Syria.

Once branded the best-funded terrorist group in the world and banking up to £1m per day from oil sales, bank robberies, extortion, smuggling and punitive taxes on local citizens, IS has had its funding squeezed over the past six months.

This has come as it has lost control of oil fields and faced renewed crackdown on the smuggling of antiquities and historical artefacts, which it had been looting from Syrian and Iraqi historic sites and selling on the black market in Turkey.

  • Egypt says foils attack in North Sinai, kills 7 suspected militants

Egypt’s army said Wednesday it had foiled an attack against security forces in the restive North Sinai region, killing seven suspected militants and destroying two weapon caches.
The army said it had received intelligence that “terrorist elements” were transferring rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and C4 explosives from Rafah to the town of Sheikh Zuweid in an attempt to carry out an attack against security forces.

Egypt is facing a Sinai-based insurgency that has killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers since the army toppled Islamist President Mohammad Morsi after mass protests against his rule in 2013.The most active militant group is Sinai Province, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS, the Sunni group that controls large parts of Iraq and Syria.
  • ISIS Is Losing in Northern Syria, but Ankara Is not very happy about it

A battle in the northern Syrian border town of Tal Abyad has inflicted a potentially crippling defeat on ISIS that could impede the jihadists’ rampage through Syria and Iraq. But U.S. ally Turkey is not happy about it. In fact, Ankara is accusing Washington of foul play. Some in Turkey want their own military—which is part of NATO—to intervene on Syrian soil, and not against ISIS.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units, a militia known by the initials YPG, says it captured Tal Abyad from ISIS after fierce combat and also secured the town’s border crossing into Turkey. The fighting, which saw jets of the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition attack jihadist positions in support of the assault by the YPG and allied militias, sent more than 20,000 people from Tal Abyad and surrounding villages over the border into Turkey in the last two weeks.

Tal Abyad is of great strategic significance for ISIS because the town sits on a road leading from the Turkish border to Raqqa, the capital of the self-styled ISIS “caliphate” or Islamic State 50 miles to the south. The loss of Tal Abyad makes it harder for ISIS to get supplies and new fighters, many of whom travel to Syria via Turkey. It also disrupts illegal oil exports by ISIS into Turkey. According to Al Jazeera, ISIS now controls only one border crossing from Syria to Turkey, in Jarabulus.

  • Hezbollah, Syria army kill ISIS emir

Hezbollah and the Syrian army killed Tuesday an ISIS leader in Qalamoun after clashing with the group in the area and on the eastern outskirts of a Lebanese border town, Al-Manar TV claimed.The Hezbollah-run station said in a news flash that Abu Balqis al-Baghdadi, ISIS’ “emir” for Qalamoun, was killed in shelling that targeted the area of Wadi Hmaid, on the outskirts of Lebanon’s Arsal

  • Iraq PM to visit Iran for talks on anti-ISIS war

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will travel to Iran on Wednesday for talks on the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadist group, his office said.

He will meet with supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Iranian officials to discuss issues including “international efforts to confront (ISIS) terrorist gangs,” a statement on Abadi’s website said.

ISIS spearheaded an offensive that overran a third of Iraq last year, sweeping Baghdad’s forces aside, and the jihadists proved they are still capable of gaining ground when they overran Anbar provincial capital Ramadi last month.

“Mortar attacks destroyed several ISIS arsenals and stockades in the town of Husseiba east of Ramadi, killing seven militants and destroying the group’s positions and bases,” said Saad Maan, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

  • Nusra Front: ISIS planning attack in northern Lebanon

The Islamic State terrorist group is planning a major attack against the Lebanese army in the northern city of Tripoli, al-Qaida’s Nusra Front claimed.

“According to documented information, ISIS [Islamic State] is preparing for a large operation in Tripoli on the first day of Ramadan against the Lebanese army,” said a Twitter account of an alleged Nusra Front official on Sunday, according to a report in the Lebanese The Daily Star and which was also reported by the local As-Safir newspaper.

Nusra Front and Islamic State are both Sunni groups which are competing against each other, and therefore the veracity of the report comes into question.

U.S. Adapts ‘Lily Pad’ Strategy to Defeat ISIS in Iraq

Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked against the Taliban in Afghanistan according to TIME

The top U.S. military officer likened the expanding American footprint in Iraq Thursday to “lily pads” that will sprout across the pond known as Anbar Province, where the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria seized the capital last month.

Sources:, The daily beast, Daily Mail, Guardian, Fox News, Euronews, Twitter (photos), Al-Arabiya.


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