Charlie Hebdo provocation.

This is from the blog of Mrs Vanessa Beeley, a very well known peace activist and reporter focusing on the Middle East.

The Wall Will Fall

This is a stark reminder of the foolishness of the voting public, sadly.  All those who poured onto the streets of Paris, shedding tears of “solidarity” with the “murdered” members of Charlie Hebdo’s editing team, did you take one moment to consider the ramifications of this event?  Did you take one moment to investigate who funds Charlie Hebdo, who pulls their strings and ensures a steady flow of hate speech and marginalisation of minorities in France?  Did you take one moment to reflect upon how many times you have been duped by your governments and their media megaphones?  Did you take one moment to unravel the lies and obscurantism that surrounded this whole keg of gunpowder? Did you for one moment wonder why all synagogues in France had an armed guard post CH, while Muslim mosques, schools and communities were being torched, desecrated and defiled?

world-leaders-cropMost importantly, did you once…

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo provocation.”

  1. Maybe it is first time, I don’t see any provocation. I am seeing right satire in this one inside Hebdo caricatures. Actually I didn’t see too much, maximum 4-5 caricature of Hebdo I saw:)


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