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Exit polls put #Syriza ahead and show that the radical left party will probably win these general elections //Élections en Grèce : très légère avance de Tsipras selon les premiers sondages




Alexis Tsipras’s leftist Syriza party was marginally ahead of its main rival, conservative New Democracy, as voting ended on Sunday, as exit poll show for now.

A combined poll from five television stations said Syriza would get between 34 and 30 percent of the vote, with NewDemocracy in a range of 32.5 to 28.5 percent.

That range left the door open for New Democracy to win but suggested it would be a struggle. If the result holds, a coalition would be needed for a government to be formed.
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Les premiers sondages en sortie des urnes donnent Alexis Tsipras (Syriza) et Evangelos Meïmarakis (Nouvelle Démocratie) au coude-à-coude, avec une légère avance pour le premier. Il est crédit de 30 à 34%, contre 28,5 à 32,5% pour le second, selon une enquête publiée par la chaîne ERT.
Le parti Syriza d’Alexis Tsipras (gauche radicale) disposait d’une très légère avance sur la droite de Vangelis Meïmarakis à l’issue dimanche des élections anticipées en Grèce, selon un sondage sortie des urnes diffusé à la fermeture des bureaux de vote. Le parti Syriza était crédité de 30 à 34% des voix selon ce sondage, devant le grand parti d’opposition de droite Nouvelle Démocratie qui recueillerait de 28,5% à 32,5%, ne garantissant la majorité absolue à aucun des deux. Le parti néonazi Aube Dorée (6,5%-8%), le Pasok socialiste et le parti communistes KKE, tous les trois entre 5,5% et 7% se disputaient la troisième place.


6 thoughts on “Exit polls put #Syriza ahead and show that the radical left party will probably win these general elections //Élections en Grèce : très légère avance de Tsipras selon les premiers sondages”

    1. Is all about left-wing politics, although Syriza could accept an Eu agreement at the beginning of its rule in January -February, while trying to change things afterwards, instead of destroying everything and building again
      in my own opinion

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      1. Yes it is about left-wing, but radical left is kind of imperialism bonding. Radical left has got little bit the anarchy and chaos like every radical community. When did Syriza create anarchy? The everything that they(EU imperislists) don’t like is radical for them.


      2. Finally as you saw they had to compromise in order to govern the country, if Greece didn’t have all these debt and was not governed by Brussels radical left would might be more welcome to rule the country. What Syriza brought was more austerity than the previous governments unfortunately. You can see similar things of this in France where people who vote Front de Gauche -radical left change position and vote for the Front national (far right) just the next day ! From now on”Radical “changed its definition for Syriza 🙂 as you see , circumstances etc…

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      3. They seem very educated very knowledgeable, but they do only provide to control over the ignorant people. Even the fact, they are ignorant enough to use the word “radical” comfortably for everyone. I guess even I can be a radical extraterrestrial in their circumstances. And I think this is actually the French thing:)

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