russia bombing homs

Russia started hitting ISIS positions in Syria

TASS(Russian News Agency) reports that Russia launched airstrikes against ISIS in Syria on Wednesday, the 30th of September,just after President Vladimir Putin secured his parliament’s unanimous backing to intervene to prop up the Kremlin’s closest Middle East ally.


Islamic State map Syria Iraq situation September 21st 2015
Current Situation in Iraq and Syria Grey: ISIS positions Yellow: Kurds territory Green: Syrian Opposition Pink “shades”: Loyalists (Iraq & Syria)


“In accordance with a decision by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin Russian Aerospace Forces planes on Wednesday started an operation to deal pinpoint strikes against ground targets of the IS terrorist group in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic,” he said. “The Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Sergey Shoigu has told his counterparts in the Collective Security Treaty Organization that in the course of the military operation in Syria Russian warplanes have been attacking military equipment, communication centers, motor vehicles, and munitions and fuel and lubricants depots of the Islamic State terrorists.

Reuters reported that Moscow gave Washington just an hour’s notice of the strikes, which set in train Russia’s biggest play in the region since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, a U.S. official said.


Targets in the Homs area appeared to have been struck, but not areas held by Islamic State, the U.S. official said. The Russian Defense Ministry said however that its attacks were directed at Islamic State military targets.


  • Russia updated NATO with information about its operations in Syria


Russia has informed NATO of Moscow’s decision to conduct the operation in Syria, the Russian mission at the alliance said on Wednesday.


Moscow has already sent military experts to a recently established command center in Baghdad which is coordinating air strikes and ground troops in Syria, a Russian official told Reuters.


“We consider it possible and reasonable to join efforts of all interested countries in the fight against international terrorism and work together based on the UN Charter,” Putin said at a meeting with the government.

The Russian president called on all interested countries, especially in the Middle East, “to partake in the activities of the international information coordination center in Baghdad. Ivanov, the Kremlin’s Chief of Staff, said Russia’s missions would be limited and not open-ended. He precluded the use of ground troops.


  • The Homs area is crucial to President Bashar al-Assad’s control of western Syria.


Insurgent control of that area would bisect the Assad-held west, separating Damascus from the coastal cities of Latakia and Tartous, where Russia operates a naval facility.

A U.S.-led coalition has already been bombing Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but Putin derided U.S. efforts to end the Syria war at the United Nations on Monday, suggesting a broader and more coordinated coalition was needed to defeat the militants.

Russia has been steadily dispatching more and more military aircraft to a base in Latakia, regarded as an Assad stronghold, after the Syrian government suffered a series of battlefield reverses.

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    5 thoughts on “Russia started hitting ISIS positions in Syria”

        1. I had to have reblogged.:) And, as you know my Earthling friend, we have made many times this conversation. Your and mine opinion was the same:
          “Yes, WWIII has begun, but not hot war yet,”
          Last one hour I’ve read many newspaper, in Russian and Turkish. There is a lot of opinion. Even pro-Russia govt. newspapers are confused about this. There are surveys about what Russian people thought about this.
          I think nobody expects the DUMA’s decision to resolution so quickly.

          Russian air strikes will be success. That’s right. But you know, it’s not an event that will be solved by the air strikes. This event would not resolved without discontinuation of the financial resources of terror. And Russia, unfortunately once again appeared to clean up the mess which created by US government . It was like that in Vietnam, in Cuba.

          This will not be solved in short time.

          But, we can say that at least in the future.
          “When WWIII started I was at the planet” 🙂

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