A 1000 years of Palestinian people’s history gone

A 1000 Years Of History–Gone! –

The recent event at UN HQ I will do posts on Palestine today…..The Palestinian flag now flies ….it has taken its rightful place among the nations of the world…..

On that faithful day ….14 May 1948 a thousand years was history began to disappear and all of it at the behest of the UN and the US……

loss of land palestine map

Since that awful day the land of Palestine has shrunk….a 1000 years of history being eating away by geopolitics….in a little less than 70 years the world has allowed a whole culture and land to become only a memory…

Watching the ISIS thing I see many similarities to what Israel is being allowed to do…..if it was not acceptable in World War 2….why is it acceptable today?

Let me give a guess…..because of some mythic tale in a non-historic context……

Source: Why did UN erase 1,000 years of Palestinian heritage? | The Electronic Intifada


6 thoughts on “A 1000 years of Palestinian people’s history gone”

  1. In fact, the map of the Middle East countries have been drawn by Gertrude Bell with British War Ministry order in 1918-1919. Every country Mesopotamia borders Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Turkey, Iran. Now if you would ask, British imperialists proclaim her as hero. So the main reason how become of this map in this shape is British imperialism!

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