Is The Persian Gulf Doomed?

Persian Gulf heat: It may become too hot for humans to survive, study warns, a point of view from a good . Guns in the Middle East is not the only upcoming threat for the region !
The study by authors from Loyola Marymount University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a harsh assessment: Climate change could leave major cities in a key part of the Middle East, the oil-rich Persian Gulf region, unfit for humans to survive.

In Saner Thought

The Persian Gulf has been a source of contention for centuries…..everybody that borders on the sea has claimed dominance at one time or the other….

The Persian Gulf seems to always be in the news…..either we are worried that someone will try to close it off or we hear all about the business opportunities if you happen to be a multi-national corporation to the proximity to Iran and the dangers that that might entail….

In case you are not aware of the location of what we call the Persian Gulf…..

Wars are being fought all around the Persian Gulf….Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen….something that has been a common denominator over the years….but there seems to be a new enemy of the region…..

A stark warning, even by the standards of climate research: If emissions continue at their current level, parts of the Persian Gulf region will simply become too hot and…

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