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One year after its creation , this blog hit a significant milestone of 100 000 page views, but still has not reached North Korea unfortunately

According to WordPress Statistics my blog reached 100000 page views earlier this morning on November 11, just a year after my blog’s creation date (Early November of 2014). I am proud and excited about this achievement in my blogging journey. Thank you all for your support.

100000 page views
views per country

Sure, lots of websites and blogs out there receive more traffic than this in a single day, but most of them either have large editorial staffs or have been around much longer than a year.

I owe a big “Thank you” and “Merci” to people who ” hit” my blog from France and the United States that gave me 50% of my traffic and to Cyprus, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece and Australia from where my blog receives from each 10-20 hits per day.

For the story, this is an important step to me as i didn’t promote this blog until now, but using Wordads i’ve just covered the annual fees of my domain (26$), that sounds more fair play to my point of view . After all, i personally didn’t get here for becoming rich but because i like blogging, i like searching for information and i like gathering all the information i ‘ve found for a topic and then to sort out.

From Economics to Politics, from Iran to Iceland, from Sputnik to Stratfor, i like to search for different sources talking about the same topic before i conclude what to write. And indeed, i know that is hard to find the Truth about something as modern propaganda is a tool used by all the media available to spread its message.

Nonetheless, i have a small social media communuity on my Facebook page, on Tumblr and Twitter that gave me around 5% of my total views .

I feel lucky that i discovered WordPress that day of November last year even if i was not sure what to write about at the beginning. My biggest traffic came in January and February when we lived the terrorist attacks in France, and the spread of ISIS in the Middle East. That made a peak at 2000 page views per day once. The terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in France shocked me a lot as i was living in Montpellier, South France, when the terrist attack took place. I remember that cold day of January when i went to the gym and all people were gathered in front of the gym’s big Plasma television watching the raid operation outside the Hyper Cacher in Paris, and i remember strongly that almost nobody worked out that day. After a month, police started to arrest people in Lunel, a town near Montpellier, presuming that they have connexions with ISIS or they were preparing themselves to leave for Syria or Iraq. Stay tuned…

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