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Cyprus on alarm: Two individuals have been identified to be associated with #ISIS terrorist group- There are fears that they recruit radical Islamists in the Turkish Occupied area of the island

Cypriot Police and Cyprus Intelligence Service are on alert, this Saturday 14th of November, after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, as there are reports which indicate that two individuals have been followed closely since there are indications that they are associated with #ISIS terrorist group.


According to reports, a meeting held Saturday morning at the Cyprus Police Headquarters , has as a theme the two suspects in Cyprus . These two suspects, visit on a daily basis mosques in the south areas of Cyprus and went as well to the North which is administrated by Turkey annd where they met with “various persons”.

Along with these two suspects, the Cypriot police monitors closely and other suspects , mostly Syrians who residing in Cyprus permanently. In several cases police investigated their homes. Mosques in the South (Cyprus controlled) ares are being monitored in order to identify those who may attempt to recruit young Muslims on behalf of the Islamic state.

The Cyprus Police decided to further strengthen the already increased security measures throughout Cyprus. In this context it was decided to begin armed patrols in the big shopping malls and in places where large numbers of people are gathered daily.

  • Cyprus Turkish Media say ISIS to blame for hotel gun attack in September 2015
  • (Famagusta Gazette)
    Kibris Postasi reports that the Islamic State terrorist organization could be behind an attack against the Savoy hotel in occupied Kyrenia.

    The attack in the early hours of a Sunday,in September, saw gunmen fire more than 51 bullets at the hotel.

    KP Daily News, the English language portal of Kibris Postasi reported: ” An exclusive report in KIBRIS POSTASI newspaper today by Vatan Mehmet says that speculation is rife that the terror organisation ISIL is shaking down some of the casino’s in the ‘TRNC’ via threats”

    According to daily Africa- which leads with the headline “Hail of bullets with Kalashnikov” – no one was injured and it is believed that the aim was to “warn and threaten” the owners of the hotel.

    Four people have been arrested in connection with the incident and are in custody.

    The press was not allowed by the breakaway regime’s “police” to approach the hotel.

    Turkish Cypriot media reported Islamic State’s threats have been discussed by “security forces” intensively.

  • Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides stated on Saturday that around ten people in the past year were deported from the island on suspicion of being connected to ISIS who came from UK, France and Australia.

    Kasoulides made the comments from the Crisis Management Center that has been set up in response to Fridays deadly attacks in the heart of France.

    The Foreign Minister said: “Security measures along the ceasefire line have increased. In the past year, ten people in possession of European passports were arrested and deported for attempting to use Cyprus as an illegal gateway into Syria”.

    Gunmen and bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium at locations across Paris on Friday, killing 127 people in a deadly rampage.

    Recently, the Uk journal The MirrorBritish Jihadis lured into joining ISIS extremists in Syria are being smuggled in through the sunshine island of Cyprus.

    Starting their journey on budget flights to the holiday destination, they then travel into Turkish-controlled Northern Cyprus.

    There, they hand over up to £1,000 to fishermen who are willing to take them across the Mediterranean and drop them on the Syrian coastline under cover of darkness.

    One source told The Mirror: “It’s difficult to put firm numbers on it – I’d estimate many dozens of people from the UK have used this route to reach the caliphate.

    “It’s a simple business contract, the deals are carried out in cash – always cash.

    “Everyone knows what is going on. But it’s never spoken about.”


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      1. As i don’t speak turkish i couldn’t find any more sources but the article found on The Mirror explains how jihadists go to Syria from North Cyprus and this spreads fears

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