france is at war declares François Hollande

France is at war against ISIS declares François Hollande :latest updates #France #Lebanon

Addressing a rare joint session of both houses of parliament, Mr Hollande called for the state of emergency to be extended to three months and for new authority to strip French citizenship from people involved in terrorism.

France would battle Isis “without a respite, without a truce . . . It is not a question of containing but of destroying this organisation”, he added.

Mr Hollande called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, adding he would meet presidents Barack Obama of the US and Vladimir Putin of Russia soon in his bid to form a “big unified coalition” against Isis.

He said he would table a bill to extend the state of emergency declared after the attacks for three months and would suggest changes to the constitution.

France’s military campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria will also intensify.

François Hollande said that ISIS (Daech) it carried out the attacks on bars, restaurants, a concert hall and a stadium in which 129 people died.

Key developments

  • French jets have launched strikes on the Isis stronghold of Raqqa, Syria
  • French police are looking for a suspect named as Salah Abdeslam, a French national still on the loose. Investigators also suspect Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national, of helping plan the attack
  • Police carried out 168 raids overnight across France, while investigations also continue in Belgium
  • There was a minute’s silence across Europe on Monday at 11am GMT
  • President François Hollande has demanded sweeping new powers for the French state to take on Isis — including constitutional changes
Exceptional measures depriving the french right of its breeding ground but raise concerns for civil liberties.

"Terrorism will not destroy the Republic the Republic will destroy it before." That's the promise - a military  and judicial one - François Hollande made ​​on Monday in front of the Parliament at the Congress in Versailles, three days after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint- Denis . He unrolled a new legislative arsenal and security and an international agenda that recall the reaction of the United States immediately after September 11 . "France is at war " and will be " ruthless " hammered President, over a speech in which he tries to support a national unity already in bad shape.

Some developing measures announced on Monday , to greatly satisfy Sarkozy's Republicans party (such as deprivation of nationality for terrorists ) had been discussed last winter before being discarded.

The French Republic wants to disqualify the French nationality to every person " convicted of a violation of fundamental interests of the nation or a terrorist act , even if born French ". It also proposes to prohibit the return in France of a binational jihadist who went in Syria and wants to be able to "expel faster foreigners who pose a threat of particular gravity to the French nation ." In simple words, radical imams and some of their followers.

Other measures he said would be pursued included:
  • 5,000 extra police posts in the next two years and no new cuts in the defence budget
  • Making it easier to strip dual nationals of their French citizenship if they are convicted of a terrorist offence, as long as this did not render them stateless
  • Speeding up the deportation of foreigners who pose “a particularly grave threat to the security of the nation”
  • Pushing for greater European action against arms trafficking and greater penalties for it in France

Mr Hollande said he would travel to meet US President Barack Obama and Russian Vladimir Putin in the coming days to discuss action against the group.

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris on Monday evening to show support for “America’s oldest friend” against what he called “psychopathic monsters”.


At a G20 summit in Turkey, world leaders promised tighter co-operation in the wake of the attacks.

Mr Obama said the US and France had made a new agreement on intelligence sharing but said US military advisers thought sending ground troops to combat Isis would be a mistake.

Egypt’s Pyramids Light Up With Flags of France, Lebanon and Russia

pyramids lebanon russia france colours
Pyramids in Egypt dressed woth Russian, Lebanon and France flags #solidarité

As monuments across the globe changed their colors to red, white, and blue to mourn those killed in the deadly Paris attacks, Egypt’s Pyramids were lit up with the flags of France, Lebanon and Russia.

A deadly twin suicide bombing in Beirut had killed at least 40 people earlier this week. Meanwhile, last month a Russian airplane crashed in Egypt’s North Sinai, killing all 224 passengers on board.

“La solidarite avec la France [solidarity with France],” read big white text that was illuminated on the Pyramids with the flags of Egypt and the three countries. White text also appeared to show solidarity for Lebanon and for Russia.

The lighting then changed to highlight each of the countries, with a message written in their native language that translates to “We stand with the people of Lebanon” and “We stand with the people of Russia.”(

Beirut bombings: what’s the mood in Lebanon?

lebanon attacks beirut terrorism

In the worst terror attack in Lebanon this year 43 people have died and 239 wounded after two blasts in the southern neighborhood of Beirut on Thursday.

Now Lebanese authorities say they have detained 11 people in connection with the bloodbath, at least seven of whom are from Syria. Two Lebanese nationals were also arrested, according to the AFP, including one person who helped smuggle the Syrians across the border and the other who was allegedly intended to be a suicide bomber.

According to Lebanon’s interior minister — who called the speedy arrests“extraordinary” — the Syrian operatives were detained in a Palestinian refugee camp in the targeted suburb and an apartment where the attackers had apparently plotted and prepared for the assault. One of the Lebanese suspects was apprehended in Tripoli, where he apparently fled after his suicide belt failed to detonate.

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