The Belgian Attacks: Europe’s Moment of Reckoning Draws Nearer

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So far, Europe has been sleepwalking through the second decade of the 21st Century. At the beginning of the new century the European Union was infused with unbridled optimism and hope. The Cold War was over, US influence in European matters was diminishing and the continent looked to be rallying around a common currency and EU leadership. The feeling that European unity was close at hand permeated European political and economic attitudes and deeds.

Now in 2016, the goal of European unity is nothing more than a pipe dream; elusive and unattainable in the face of the challenges besieging the EU. A sovereign debt crisis, a refugee crisis, the resurgence of Russia, and terrorism have combined to produce a nightmare scenario. The EU has failed to contend with any of these challenges effectively and as a result, the picture facing the continent is a bleak one.

The Brussels attacks…

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