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The new Authoritarian move of Sultan Erdogan towards dictatorship

For the Turkish HürriyetDaily NewsErdoğan tells the world who’s the boss in Turkey. Euronews reported yesterday that Turkey’s president has strong words for the EU saying he would not change anti-terror laws in exchange for visa-free travel to Europe. Erdogan is obviously trying to centralize as much power as possible to himself and his presidential position.So many people are seeing the recent moves of the Sultan as an attempt to move Turkey into a dictatorship.

The European Commission asked Turkey for changes in their definition of terrorism to avoid conflicts over freedom of expression as a condition for approving visa-waivers as part of the deal agreed to stem the flow of migrants to Europe.

Mr. Erdogan proclaimed with typical defiance that Turkey “will not change its antiterror law for the sake of a visa deal” that would allow the 75 million Turks easier access to Europe for three months at a time.

“We will go our way,” Mr. Erdogan said. “You go yours.”

Speaking in Istanbul Erdogan said that “the EU lets terrorists (referring to Kurdish activists) put up tents near the Brussels parliament, and provides them with opportunities in the name of democracy, and then you tell us if we change our terrorism laws, the visas will be lifted.


It comes one day after the prime minister Davutoglu stepped down over a rift with Erdogan over several issues including a move toward a presidential system.

For, the increasingly authoritarian tilt of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and the ouster of his prime minister this week have European leaders newly questioning their reliance on him and the viability of an already divisive deal struck this spring that has largely halted the flow of migrants to Europe.

Turkey has very broad terrorism laws, which the Europeans fear are being used by Mr. Erdogan to crack down on his opponents. In fact, Mr. Erdogan recently said the government should widen the definition of terrorist to include journalists and academics who are deemed by the authorities to have provided support for terrorists.


Recently,Chancellor Angela Merkel gave permission for a prosecution to be brought against a young comedian called Jan Böhmermann who had recited a rude poem on state television.

Now, thanks to the German Chancellor, he is starting to export this practice into the European Union.

Is it time to resist?

As it has been referred by the Telegraph, where is quoted  just a small list of things that he did recently against human rights inside and outside  Turkey ,the Sultan Erdogan closes down newspapers and jails political opponents: 

  • He supports Islamist extremists in other states, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
  • Since he became president of his country in 2014 (after many years as its prime minister), Mr Erdogan has taken advantage of his position to sue or arrest at least 1,845 Turks, including a 13-year-old boy, for insulting him.
  • He has built himself a presidential palace in Ankara which cost €270 million. He removed the colossal Statue of Humanity, which had been erected in Kars to symbolise reconciliation between Turks and Armenians for the former’s massacre of the latter.
  • He has re-Islamised a firmly secular polity. He purveys Ottoman rhetoric and plays out pseudo-Ottoman ceremonies, as if he were the new Sultan.
  • He speaks of the return of Turkish military power.
  • When he went to Germany in 2011, he addressed large crowds of Turkish immigrants living there, boasting “Now Turkey will at last start building its own war planes.” He urged his audience not to assimilate.
  • This week, he pushed out his prime minister for showing a smidgeon of doubt about his ever-increasing power.

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