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When Putin wept : Every person must choose how much truth he can stand regarding the Greek-Russian geopolitical games

First of all, Putin didn’t go to Greece in order to save an Orthodox country ally or for just an orthodox pilgrimage. At the end of his official two-day visit in Greece the 27th-28th of May, the Russian leader made a pilgrimage to the holy Mount Athos , where he was met with “excitement and admiration” according to the Russian Sputnik news. Vladimir Putin went to only-male Athos monastery for the second time. This time, he visited the holy place to commemorate the millennial anniversary since the first Russian settlement on the Holy Mount Athos.

The visit of the Russian leader in Greece was all about geostrategic interests and not only an essentially moral or ideological trip to visit the Orthodox monks in the holy Mount Athos. For Russia, this visit directly or indirectly relates with the new “Cold War” between NATO and Russia, in order to  demonstrate the strength of the “Russian bear” and send messages to Greece’s allies (EU and the whole NATO, especially Turkey, US, Poland) that Russia can always influence the EU politics and make agreements with some NATO’s member states.

Putin, who has sought to capitalize on the strained relations between Greece and many other European Union members, said Russia seeks to cooperate with Greece in the energy sector. Several Russian ministers also expressed interest in the privatization of Greek railways and in the northern port of Thessaloniki, but no major deals were announced. Only lower lever “cooperation agreements” were reached during the visit.

Some days after this visit we read that the Greek Defence Minister revealed that Greece and Russia had already agreed on collaborating for the co-production of Kalashnikov rifles in the city of Patras, once the embargo by the EU on Russia was lifted. Greece Defence Minister Panos Kammenos explained that the product manufactured in Greece would benefit the country, as it could be sold to other NATO members because it would have the seal of approval by NATO and the EU.

This geopolitical visit was just a vehicle of propaganda techniques as Greece is currently governed completely by Brussels technocrats and Russia is in a very difficult financial situation because of the embargoes and other sanctions related to the Ukrainian conflict (and Russia’s implication in it). The visit was like being in a film in which the protagonists merely impersonating the roles for a script based on virtual reality: Mr Alexis Tsipras was presenting the role of a Prime Minister as THE person who decides on the relations between his country and Russia, and on the other side Vladimir Putin was just pretending that Mr Tsipras was someone very important and the indebted Greece of today is an important partner for Russia. We said before that Putin might be dangerous but he is not stupid.

During May 2016, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras inaugurated the start of construction for the TransAdriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece which was pushed by the United States(NYTIMES) as an alternative to Russian gas in order to provide sufficient energy in Europe. Official representatives of the European Union and U.S. State Department as well as high ranking officials from Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy and Bulgaria attended the ceremony. Of course Russia was aware of all these plans and the hypocrisy of Mr Tsipras and its partners.

NATO started to perceive Russia as a growing threat following Moscow’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and continued action in the east of Ukraine. Several European members of the organization are increasing defense spending this year to combat “Russian aggression,” with the biggest defence budget growth being seen in the Baltic states.

The current geopolitics between Russia and Greece it brings to mind the film “Mr and Mrs. Smith” where the political couple is  highly hypocritical, deceptive and “complexed” as a married one.

However, Russia takes very seriously its influence in the Balkans and the Eastern Europe as :

  1. NATO officially invited Montenegro to become its 29th member mid-May, angering Russia, which already is threatening sanctions against what it calls a “friendly country.”

2.Ukraine would like to be a member of NATO.Russia took back Crimea lawlessly, but no more so than the allies broke up Serbia and created an independent Kosovo. A majority of Crimeans probably supported the move, though only a free and fair referendum, unlike that conducted by Moscow, would tell for sure. In any case, Crimea is no more likely to go back to Ukraine than Kosovo is likely to go back to Serbia. The issue is effectively closed.

3. Georgia’s military exercices with NATO during May 2016: Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said Noble Partner 2016 U.S.-Georgia military exercises may escalate the military and political situation in the Caucasus region.

annual military exercices georgia nato

“We regard this ongoing ‘exploration’ of Georgia’s territory by NATO forces as a provocative step aimed at escalating the military and political situation in the South Caucasus,” the Ministry’s statement reads.

3.NATO ( and especially US)  needs Russia and Russia needs NATO regarding the Middle East issues as the Syrian Civil War where both are directly and indirectly implicated.

4.Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that Romania and Poland would be in Russia’s crosshairs for hosting elements of a US missile defense system, Reuters reported.

NATO is currently seeking to station four new battalions in Eastern Europe: one each in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. In May, the organization activated a missile defence base in Romania, with another currently being constructed in Poland.

A single NATO battalion inside Poland would be enough to deter Russian aggression, Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said in an interview on Wednesday, the 1st of June.









9 thoughts on “When Putin wept : Every person must choose how much truth he can stand regarding the Greek-Russian geopolitical games”

    1. With pleasure 🙂 i wanted to write more about this but i will do another post. I like your blog a lot as well as you write about freedom, and similar topics as me but from your own scope

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  1. It is little bit harsh words have been used in article, especially for Tsipras;
    “Of course Russia was aware of all these plans and the hypocrisy of Mr Tsipras and its partners.”
    We know that every actor at the game is hypocritical, so not just Tsipras, including Russian elites.
    For example, why Putin has chose to visit ” Mount Athos” and given pictures for showing such as Orthodox bound.

    Russian Orthodox Church and Greek Orthodox Church have been in struggling for many years, hundreds years.

    If Greek Orthodox Church takes a one step forward on Russian Orthodox, this is changing everything, so I am mentioning more knowing and getting acceptable shape by all orthodox on Earth.

    Even it is not acceptable thing for Russian Orthodox.

    The world sees all time fighting in the Muslims religious sects, but there are maybe more in the Christian sects.

    Let’s remember last G7 meeting and how Putin left the meeting with war ship. The day after Putin left G7, Pope had visited the Turkey very first time, what a coincidence! (There is no coincidence comrades!-Stalin words:)

    Where Pope visited in Turkey? He visited “The Greek Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople”. If this patriarchate would been accepted by Catholic church, in this time it will emerge two headed situration at Orthodox world. Because “ecumenic” means “the sprit leader of all Orthodox”, and Russia will lose own religion trump.

    And for example, USA is always using the word of “ecumenic” for this Greek Church at Istanbul. Even USA governemnt officers say all time, “this is not a political term, this is spritual term”. If you buy this explanation 🙂

    So Pope had wanted to discourage of Putin. His message was “if you continue to your act Putin, I can accept the ecumenic of Greek Church, and Russian Orthodox Church would drop from the leauge” 🙂

    Putin knew all this, despite his knowing he made this visiting. And this seems like actually wierd and lonely act.


    1. Hello Migo, i don’t believe that there is a rivalry between the russian orthodox church and the greek one. There’s nothing wrong for Greece and Russia to have their own energy strategy and collaboration, why they shouldn’t? The article was not about the Orthodox church, but the empty promises made by Tsipras and Putin regarding any further collaboration as we know that the decisions for Greece are made in Brussels or NY. For the term ecumenic this takes us years before because of its historical location at the capital of the former Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and its role as the Mother Church of most modern Orthodox churches, and it is part now of Turkish history as many churches in the Middle East. I don’t think that the Pope has a secret agenda, he makes a lot of trips around the world and recently he visited Lesbos, i think is a good Pope as there are very good spiritual people in Islam, Buddhism who spread only love and not sharia.

      From the other side, Shia and Sunni leaders as Saudi Arabia and Iran are using sometimes their religion in order to get influence in the Middle East and this includes deaths in Iraq, Syria and of course Yemen where it is the most obvious influential war between Iran -Saudi Arabia.

      I believe that most states should be secular one’s as in France.

      Tsipras just signed the worst austerity plan in the history of Greece, he disappointed all the Greeks and the ongoing situation and the chaos in which he put Greece last year shows that he’s worst that the previous governments. He “pushed” for elections last January when he was first elected, everyone believed his “empty bag” gifts that he was going to change the country and stop austerity but the recent happenings show that he doesn’t have or had any reliable plan for Greece.

      On the other hand, Putin wants a country in the Eu to influence the others in order to lift the embargoes regarding Russia. Therefore, he came in Greece with the whole “public business” consortium for investing in some greek companies and then he will use this power (Greek vote) to change politics within NATO and the Eu.

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      1. This is not a something to believe in, or not believe in. This is historical fact. As same as inside the every religion and religions’ sects, there is a rivalry amongst the Russian Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. Unfortunatelly, the good thinking is not working in the worlds of the religions. Like, being a good man of Pope Francesco, is not being useful in these issues. These are different things. Every church every mosque every synagogue has a secret agenda, and not only one more than one secret agenda. It is a billion dolars sectors we talk about, while we use “religion’s worlds” ; is it possible that they don’t have any secret agenda?

        And while I was saying “Putin knew that”, I was talking over the articles which I have seen at those days(Pope visit and G7 meeting days) in Russian newspapers. I guessed that if I’ve read them, Putin should have been read too.

        Tsipras has been disappointment for every one, I am agree with it always. But this is very complex situation and we have to see all points in every angle. It is not good effort to see the situation from only one angle.

        Also, I wish Putin efforts would be useful on the name of changing power balances, but it is really difficult. EU and USA imperialism will never allow to this. Maybe into different situations, “all this has happened before, will happen again.”

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      2. There are only interests in politics my friend friendships does not exist ,Russia needs Europe and Europe needs Russia,

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