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Opinion: The awkward hypocrisy of Uk’s politics and neoliberalism when Boris Johnson Used To Campaign For Turkey To Join The European Union

Brexit really has brought out the worst of the British. Politicians have surely lied from the dawn of time. In the past, Boris Johnson was one of the few people in the country to enthusiastically argue for Turkey to become a member of the EU. I believe that Mr Johnson is more concerned of how is going to be elected as the next UK’s Prime Minister and therefore ideas and positions can change  “once per month”. 

British politicians probably support ideas from where they get money (lobbying) and suddenly they change their positions. We should not forget that the United Kingdom and Sweden were promoting and pushing  for the entry of Turkey in the EU when Mr Erdogan was not so authoritarian as now and someone to be around. Sweden used to sell arms to Turkey as far as we know and in exchange they were lobbying for the accession of Turkey in the European Union.

Today, as Philip Stephens wrote on the Financial Times, Brexiters do an ugly compaign demonising the Turks in order to achieve their goals. Turks are represented as the ennemies of the British system as they were given the image of people who will come to Britain and “occupy the country” and its welfare system or even sometimes represented as criminals. French Front National’s leader Marine le Pen does the same regarding the Turks and Maghrenb nationalities or Middle Easterns in France. Today, in Europe,  people with  tanned skin should have to pass more control in the airport borders than a clear white one even carrying a european passport  it doesn’t matter a lot.

The Guardian : While Turkey has had more than its fair share of troubles of late, much of the ire from leave campaigners has been pointed directly at the Turkish people. All of Turkey’s 76 million population – mostly criminals, terrorists and gangsters apparently – are preparing to relocate to the UK on the off-chance it will stay part of the EU and their country will, by some miracle, achieve accession to the union sometime soon.

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What if Turks talked about Britons the way Vote Leave talks about Turkey?

75 million Turkish citizens will gain visa-free access to the Schengen zone:There are multiple threats regarding this action, the EU’s Schengen open border system will facilitate a massive movement towards Britain, rendering the NHS, schools, and essential services, already overloaded to a standstill. Britain’s welfare system will have to be halted eventually as the amount of benefits recipients will outnumber those working; purely because there are not enough jobs to accommodate the influx of millions.

Being mediterranean with tan and working/strudying in France or the UK i was always victim of this control in the borders even with a european passport. One time i was waiting for an hour at Charles de Gaule. "How it is possible for a European to work in France without a visa,Sir," Therefore i believe that racism is a problem of education in these countries and unfortunately i don't believe that we head to an accomplishment of the european dream anytime soon.

Personally, i would like to see the British leaving the European Union bloc. After all, the EU is not a map where you can travel for some cheap holidays, i believe is something more. A bit of arrogance and nosy imperialism  are some of the characteristics some people often associate unfortunately to some British. But i can understand Brexiters. They are victims of globalisation in their own country. Employers prefer to hire foreigners than Brits sometimes in order to pay less and produce more: modern slavery. But this is a problem of the British employement system. Of course, the United Kingdom might have paid a lot for other countries joining the club but they ( UK )as i have explained above have pushed for the enlargement even more than France/Germany. As the British politics and ideals change so quickly depending on their interests and personal ambitions and deals that hurt the “unity” of the european dream i believe that a “Trojan imperialist horse” is time to leave the EU.

The economy of the United Kingdom has nothing to fear: Great Britain has many money laundering centres and tax havens in its immediate legal remit – the Channel Islands Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands. These are all hot spots for tax evasion and money laundering. Of course, the UK will establish some quotas regarding EU workers and the cheap labour from EU will continue to flow. Nothing it will change regarding this issue,  rich employers will become richer and the tax evasion will rise etc…

Politics is always about lying. People are prevaricating, distracting, making listeners believe things that aren’t always factually true. Nowadays, Turkey and the Mahgreb countries have become “the cheap labour  factories “of Europe while inequalities rise within it. However, trying to apply work conditions as they exist in these countries in France this will not work ” so well” Mr Hollande!

Boris’s own words from a 2007 extract in the Telegraph:

“What would be better for the long-term health of the planet – a Turkey increasingly apathetic about Europe … or one firmly entrenched in the European Union? I know what I want. So why does everyone hesitate? Should they be barred, by their alien “culture”, from living here? We would be crazy to reject Turkey.”

“The crowning irony is those who would keep the Turks out, on the grounds that they are un-European, would thereby disbar the city that for a thousand years was the heart of the Roman Empire and which preserved our European civilisation,” he said  in a 2006 film named The Dream of Rome.

“What are we saying if we perpetually keep Turkey out of the European Union just because it’s Muslim? First, it’s a denial of the huge achievements of men like Kemal Ataturk who created a secular Westernising country that just happens to be populated by Muslims; it sends out the worst possible signal to moderates in the Islamic world, saying that we can’t incorporate such a country into Europe.

“And thirdly, are we really saying about ourselves and about Europe that it must be forever conterminous with nothing but Christendom? Well, try going to Bradford and saying that.”

Johnson said the main problem with the Roman Empire was the same as that faced by modern Europe: “how to deal with the people who yearned to come in”.

  • Someone even asked the Turks if they want to join the club or not?

Imperialist powers and fortunes when eastern european countries,such as Poland or Hungary ,entered the European Union, looked at them as an opportunity to relocate their business in these countries for cheaper labour and avoid taxes. Result: a higher unemployment in Western Europe and salaries in Eastern countries still remain very low comparing with the West. Result: Eastern countries today started to vote for populist parties as they believe they will obtain more rights while voting  for them or they have had enough of previous governments’ corrupt system of power .

NATO and allies spread, today, the fear “of the Russian bear” in them in order to incorporate in their minds their  Mass Propaganda message  while Neonazi rule currently vulnerable economies and countries such as Ukraine. While a well-balanced social system doesn’t exist in Europe, inequalities and massive immigration from one country to another one will remain or even will grow.  Salaries must be implemented using  “a same scale schema” in Europe in order to increase competitivity and to boost industry in the whole territory of Europe. There’s no other way that the European Union dream could survive through globalisation in my own “humble” opinion.

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9 thoughts on “Opinion: The awkward hypocrisy of Uk’s politics and neoliberalism when Boris Johnson Used To Campaign For Turkey To Join The European Union”

  1. I gave up reading the nonsense of the ‘out’ and the ‘in’ campaigners….I tend to follow economists….whether we stay in or out….times ahead will be tough…for everyone…I am not one for Brussels….even Corbyn is a eurosceptic…still he has to work with the rabble…
    Fearful of EU Disintegration and Mired in Crisis, France Wants Britain Punished for Brexit Revolt

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    1. Hello Pennie i try to understand why people as Boris changed their view regarding the Eu so quickly, is he getting paid for his ideas and chooses the best offer? Why they were pushing more for the accession of Turkey into the Eu more than France and Germany and now they oppose it? What is this sort of hypocrisy? I lived in Scotland and France honestly Scottish people are one of the kindest nations in the world i don’t believe they deserve these politicians…

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      1. Neither do I….I gave up trying…the more North you go in the UK the kinder people are…and poorer….funny world….politicians are a strange breed…and people vote for them! I think the EU is governed by corporations and the USA…and to be frank I have no love for Washington….or Empires… be they Turkish,French,British or Yanks…I shall just have to dig a hole and pretend nothing is happening…it is all mud slinging….is it not?
        Hope you are well…. digging in the garden is good therapy,I say! 😉

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      2. British like gardening the national hobby just after football i would say, all gardening in detail and frames

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      3. The therapy is in the digging….and then, with a glass of good wine…we sit back, watch the plants blossom and then we congratulate ourselves! 😉

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