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Horrified by the similarities with the Nazi propaganda :UKIP’s Brexit refugee poster bears extraordinary similarity to Nazi propaganda film

A new poster Nigel Farage is using in his Brexit campaign has been compared to Nazi propaganda and a prominent white-skinned man appears to have been edited out of the original picture.

French:À moins d'une semaine du référendum sur le maintien du Royaume-Uni dans l'Union européenne, le parti anti-européen Ukip publie une affiche qui dénonce l'arrivée de migrants dans le pays. Une plainte a été déposée pour «incitation à la haine raciale».

Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-immigration United Kingdom Independence Party and champion of the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, unveiled  this new poster before the media in London on Thursday. It features an image of migrants and refugees filing along in a column and the words “Breaking Point”, and, “the EU has failed us all” is written underneath. A line at the bottom of the poster reads: “We must break free of the EU and take back control of our borders.”

Life as a euroskeptic or neonazi isn’t that bad after all. You should try it  yourself. You spend a lot of time in the fresh air, you meet a lot of new friends and brothers-in-arms and you get to take part in an anti-establishment rebellion like some “nationalist”campings in Poland Ukraine etc…. Every era has its own form of mental illness; madness takes forms that suit the times.

The sudden loss of  Jo Cox, a Labour member of Parliament who was actively campaigning for Britain to remain within the European Union, and actively campaigning on behalf of Syrian refugees says a lot. Two witnesses say that the murder Tommy  Mair, a reader of neo-Nazi and white supremacist books and websites, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, shouted “Britain first” while stabbing Cox.  I would like to say though that the human tragedy of the death of Jo Cox, a mother of young children, is certainly rightly uppermost in my mind after this week’s appalling murder.

  • Twitter user and legal assistant Brendan Harkin compared the billboard to a 1941 Nazi newsreel which shows the forced march of Bessarabian Jews in Romania.

However, for RT.com, UKIP’s choice of image has done little to shake off accusations of fascism. The photo bears an uncanny resemblance to a Nazi propaganda film which described Jewish refugees as “parasites.”

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon described the poster as “disgusting,” while US-British playwright Bonnie Greer tweeted a photo of the billboard alongside a quote from Nazi military leader Hermann Goring.

A cross-party group of MPs from all majour parties -Tom Brake, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Lucas and Neil Carmichael – jointly slammed Ukip for the “offensive” poster. (WashingtonPost.com)

Cooper said: “Just when you thought leave campaigners couldn’t stoop any lower, they are now exploiting the misery of the Syrian refugee crisis in the most dishonest and immoral way.

“Europe didn’t cause the Syrian refugee crisis and pulling out of the EU won’t stop people fleeing conflict and persecution by ISIS and the Assad regime.

“All countries have a moral responsibility to help whether they are in the EU or not and the only way to deal with it is for countries to work together.

  • British Anti-Greek propaganda: Greece was also hit by the Brexit hate

“New flyer through the door from Brexit campaign. Thought I’d look into this claim. The Rio-Antirrio bridge cost 630m euro, 47% funded by a loan from the European Investment Bank (source: the economist). The same bank is funding £280m for expansion of facilities at UCL, £700m funding for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, and £360m funding towards the smart meter roll out by British Gas. This is all part of £16b investment in British projects over the last 3 years (crossrail, Manchester metrolink etc.) (source: gov.uk, Wikipedia).”

greece potholes britain rio antirrio bridges greece

Meanwhile, according to CNN, General Electric (GE), Unilever (UL) and Airbus (EADSF) sent a joint letter to the “Vote Leave” campaign this week saying they were “extremely surprised and disappointed” to see their names and logos used in “propaganda” leaflets calling for a so-called Brexit.

“We believe that — for jobs and investment — Britain is better off in Europe,” the companies wrote in the letter. They called for any remaining leaflets to be destroyed and threatened to take legal action if their brands were used again without permission.

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8 thoughts on “Horrified by the similarities with the Nazi propaganda :UKIP’s Brexit refugee poster bears extraordinary similarity to Nazi propaganda film”

  1. U.K.I.P. is Horrid and Base…and I gave up watching/listening to the rantings of all of them…In or Out….Cameron’s target on bus passes for the elderly was the pits and so too Farage and his poster…
    I am voting out simply because I do not see the E.U. as democratic….and that is it!
    good post….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Of course EU is not democratic as it should be but i’m of the opinion that politics could change within europe…. EU needs another agenda if it voes to survive

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed…..but I do not see that the ‘powers that be’ will budge their position…this way it just might enable the E.U. to become more democratic…..politics in Europe might change if the U.K public vote Out. That is the way I see it…besides in or out we have a lot of problems ahead….

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  2. Certainly, the reactionaries want out. But as Pennie, above, points out, a vote in favor of exiting the E.U., as the already consolidated and undemocratic corporate-capitalist behemoth that it is, is not necessarily itself ‘reactionary.’

    A less centralized and more fragmented capitalist regime is more likely to be brought under democratic control because it would be more easily overwhelmed by an informed and progressive working class.

    If socialism, and not the currently manifest barbarism, is what the people of Europe want, they would best serve themselves by bringing down the existing integrated order by forcing their respective national governments to exit the Union, with a view to replacing it later with a network of federated institutions more democratically responsive to the regional wills of the popular classes.

    One should therefore be careful not to tar all “leave campaigners” with the same brush, as this particular quote from the post above does:

    “Just when you thought leave campaigners couldn’t stoop any lower, they are now exploiting the misery of the Syrian refugee crisis in the most dishonest and immoral way.”

    More than people realize, this sort of appeal to an overgeneralizing emotion in favor of staying in the E.U. actually plays into the hands of the most reactionary and powerfully organized classes in Europe, namely, the politically ascendant local bourgeoisies, not to mention U.S. hegemony over a capitalist Europe.

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