Cyprus to accept Turkish firefighting assistance under conditions//Chypre a accepté l’aide offerte par la Turquie pour lutter contre l’incendie qui ravage l’île

FG | Famagusta Gazette | News From Cyprus

Source: BREAKING: Cyprus to accept Turkish firefighting assistance under conditions

The Republic of Cyprus will accept an offer by Turkey to contribute in ongoing efforts to put out wild fires burning forest parts in the Troodos mountain area, provided that it will be under the operational planning, administered by the state, as is the case with all international assistance, says an announcement by the Presidency of the Republic.

Français:La République de Chypre acceptera finalement l'assistance offerte par la Turquie pour contribuer dans des efforts en cours d'éteindre les feux sauvages qui brûlent des parties forestières dans la zone montagneuse de Troodos, à condition qu'il soit sous la planification opérationnelle, administrée par l'état, comme il est le cas la de toute l'aide internationale reçue, dit l'annonce  de la Présidence de la République.
Deux pompiers qui luttaient sont morts après que leur camion a chuté d’une falaise, un troisième est blessé.Plus de 300 pompiers beaucoup de volontaires et 60 véhicules sont mobilisés pour venir à bout de ce gigantesque incendie qui comporte plusieurs foyers.

As darkness fell, for the third consecutive night, the support of some 17 firefighting aircraft from Cyprus, Greece, Israel, the UK and Italy was withdrawn, leaving ground units comprising around 60 vehicles and hundreds of state personnel and volunteers to fight the flames overnight. According to Cyprus Mail the fires have claimed the lives of two men, injured three others and caused untold environmental damage to forests and rural communities.

Two helicopters in Anamur and Silifke and an aircraft in Antalya are set to be dispatched to Cyprus to extinguish the fire, the Turkish ministry of forestry said (Anadolu Agency and Daily Sabah)

The fire, possibly started by an attempt to burn dry stubble, broke out on Sunday in the foothills of the Troodos mountain region of the eastern Mediterranean island.

It has been fanned by high winds and scorching temperatures, hampering efforts by firefighters backed by water bomber aircraft from Greece and Israel and helicopters from the British military bases in Cyprus. French and Italian air support arrived on the island later on Tuesday the 22nd.

Cyprus was split along ethnic lines following a Turkish invasion in 1974 triggered by a brief Greek inspired coup.Turkey does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus. Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey.



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