Salute you, Portuguese kid!

This Portuguese kid comforting a crying French fan shows the true meaning of the beautiful game. This was captured on video when the kid walked over to a crying France supporter. Instead of being filled with acts of football hooliganism, news after the game was a lot less violent than other matches of the tournament, and a lot more sweet. In France it is estimated that the Portuguese diaspora is up to 1 million five hundred people:

unnecessary news from earth

This kid, yesterday after the Portugal-France final match of Euro Cup 2016, he consoled the French fan while he was crying. It is so beautiful behavior, and I want to thank to this kid from here! He left his happiness in a moment and he thought to console the opposing team’s fan. And with this behavior, he showed me there is still hope for this planet!

I am losing my trust to humankind sometimes, but this scene caused to gain my trust back again. Maybe we don’t need too much thing to believe or trust, maybe we don’t need to look at the far away points. Here it is, this kid wrote just in 30 seconds how humanity should be, without the need to write hundreds pages of book about this.

Also, there were many scene we have seen in Euro 2016. If I started from last match, a…

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