Analysis- What happened in Turkey -Part 1: Was this a failed and bad organized military coup attempt or a rehearsal of other murky affairs?

  • (Warning: some images may be considered graphic)!

    Part 2 here

  • Firstly we must understand what Turkey  really experienced during the night of the military coup attempt.

The whole country was up all night trying to understand what was happening. Ordinary Anatolian people were keeping themselves informed through the Television and news channel via internet almost until dawn. The last thing that a Turkish citizen could remember before going to sleep was the live bombing of Turkey’s Parliament by the  putschistes . The ones who reside in the west of Turkey, while they were watching they might had raised the question in their minds  “Is this really happening in Turkey ?”

Indeed, these scenes really took place in Turkey but the people who live especially in the Aegean Sea country’s coast watched the events as watching a movie.

One way or another, every one who lives in big cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Iskenderun, shared the news like that:

They were being used to call citizens into the streets after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked citizens to protest the attempted overthrow:

“I urge the Turkish people to convene at public squares and airports. I never believed in a power higher than the power of the people,” said Mr Erdogan when he appeared live on CNN Turk via FaceTime on the presenter’s cell phone

Yes, this was true, with the prayers which are rising from mosques, the imams were calling the people to the streets in every single city of Turkey. But there was nothing of all that in western cities!In the middle of the night pro-AKP supporters began to go into the streets especially in Istanbul and Ankara.

  • What the Turkey’s people watched during the coup attempt in Turkey?

19:30 (GMT)-English Time – Reports that two major bridges over the Bosphorus in Istanbul are closed, causing major traffic congestion. Army units are seen moving through the city. Images circulate on social media of cars and buses backed up on roads in the city and troops deployed on the Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. At the same time, people heard the low-flying jets top of the parliament building in Ankara. After the airports were closed to traffic again by soldiers.

19:50 – Fighter jets and helicopters are reported in the sky over the capital, Ankara. Helicopters seen over Istanbul. Reports of gunfire in Ankara.

Credit: Daily Mirror

20:00 – Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announces that unsanctioned “military activity” is under way. He calls for calm and says government forces will “do what is necessary” to restore order.

21:00 – The chief-of-staff of the Turkish military is among hostages held by coup plotters in Ankara, state-run news agency Anadolu reports. Meanwhile the state television of Turkey, called TRT, was seized by the putschistes, and the woman speaker said that she read the coup plotters’ statement under gun threat..

21:15 – Statement read on state-owned TRT says military has “completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order”. A new constitution is to be prepared. The statement accuses the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of eroding democracy. A curfew is announced and martial law is to be imposed across the country. The TRT news anchor who read out the statement will later say that she was forced at gunpoint to make the announcement.

21:30 For a moment Tayyip Erdogan appeared on the tv screens as shown on the video above. He said that the coup is not made by the Turkish Armed Forces but a group inside of military is making this coup attempt. This group he talked about was a “parallel structure” that is consistently pointed Fethullah Gulen; already this was declared through pro-government newspapers immediately. So, that was said, the “parallel structure” of Fethullah Gulen community inside the Turkey army was accused of attempting the military coup.The new Prime Minister of Turkey. The US-based organisation linked to Gulen denies any involvement (Reuters)

All this time, the conflict images were coming from the streets of Ankara and Istanbul amid explosions and deployment of tanks at parliament buildings in the city . The police forces were trying to recapture the places captured by the soldiers.

After 02:00 in the morning soldiers started to surrender to the police.


  • These people were seemed that they were preparing something big. Does it sound weird?

First of all, the people who went out to the streets they went at Istanbul’s airport,in an interestingly way , they seized the tanks and the other military staff. After that the police arrested the putschistes.

The people who answered the government’s call went to Bosphorus bridges. They were seen carrying knifes and machetes. Already they were yelling continously “ya Allah, bismillah” ? (yes, this is question mark, and anyone didn’t have any idea how AKP voters were lover of democracy and they were volunteers heart and soul to protect the democracy with chanting religion’s ovations!)

  • What was the general attitude of many of the people who went out to the streets?

Mostly there were AKP-partisans. Partisans of the oppositive parties, HDP, MHP and CHP voters were in their homes during all the night of the military coup attempt. Indeed, all opposition party leaders decried the coup attempt but for some reason their voters did not go out as the AKP one’s.


  • Well, what the AKP-partisans who went out did?


Being armed they attacked the soldiers, even some police officers saved the soldiers from their hands. The soldiers especially private soldiers who were the people have to obey the orders which came form upper level of command . Many of these private soldiers had no idea what they made. In Turkey, the military service is compulsory and every Turkish young man when he is 20 years old, if he is not going to university, he has to make his military duty. They are not only Turkish people, they are Kurdish, Laz, Turkish and from other ethnicities-minorities. Many of them have said that they thought it was a military exercise. They cannot ask “what we are doing in the streets already” as they obey to orders from above.

Because, the rules about the military forces internal structure has been written in laws. About the rules what the subordinate soldiers have to obey are written in the legislation of Turkish Army, in item 14(*):
“Subordinate; They are obliged absolute obedience of their superiors orders and to show full respect to military chiefs and authorities as appropriate with public good manners and military procedures in the cases shown in laws and regulations.”

And, with the horror of the events, ordinary people were horrified. But the scenes which were shared via especially twitter accounts with the begining the morning of 16th July, the ordinary people have seen that these people were acting very similar like ISIS sympathizers. The AKP sympathizers injured, killed even made torture to these private soldiers. Any scene of them being killed is very terrifying! According to the news, the head of one of the soldiers who surrendered and left the weapon, was cut by AKP sympathizers.

At the video, the person who taped this scene at Bosphorus bridge and spoke other side heatedly, says that:
“We killed four of them, the fifth turned the come(he is talking about the soldiers who were killed by them)…(and the others say that) Dog!… What happened!… M.her. F..ker.! Misbeliever!…I shoot him to relieve!… Allah! They killed my muslim brothers, let me I will shoot ones!”

Do they sound very similar to ISIS sympathizers’ methods?


The police captured one of the soldiers, in same moment, one of person kicked the soldier with swearing like M. F..ker.



The police is trying to save the soldier who is wanted to lynch by AKP sympathizers and has trapped in the tank. The people are yelling “throw him down!”.

At below picture, it is seen that the private soldiers who were beaten by AKP sympathizers. You can see they are very young and it is very clear that they have really no idea what happened.

However, all Turkish police officers didn’t act like that. On this site , it is seen that the police officers made torture the soldiers under custody, and the dialog of between the police officers and tortured soldier as like that with English translation:

Police: Do you have children?
Soldier: Yes, I do have 10 month baby girl
Police: Do I f..k her!

Yes, a Turkish police threatened to rape the 10 month baby of the soldier!

    1. In these videos below people continue to kick the soldiers even after they died!

There are many videos about killing soldiers by AKP-partisans. It is obvious that this cruelty is equal to methods seen by ISIS terrorists.

Already they had gone out the streets with a kind of ” jihad call” . This is important: This call was made by Tayyip Erdogan and Binali Yildirim by themselves on tv screens firstly. And with his words, immediately the mosques started to call in their turn. Even he send a text to the every one of Turkey peope via phones. This is his text message.

In English:

“Valuable sons of Turkish Nation: This motion is an attempt which is made by a small team that has seized the state’s armored vehicles against the nation with pretending like in the 70s. The honorable nation, you protect your democracy and peace. I call you to the streets to protect our nation against the action of this small team which thinks to digest the Turkish nation. You protect your state.”

During the Occupy Gezi unrest during June 2013, Tayyip Erdogan accused the Occupy Gezi protesters while addressing his AKP sympathizers: “Right now, there are at least 50% people who we are forced to keep in their homes. We said to them you be patient. Don’t be deceived to this game.”

He declared as well that the Gezi protesters and the students from METU “They are leftist, atheists, terrorists.”

In nowadays Turkey, if you don’t give a vote to AKP, it doesn’t matter what you vote, you are just a terrorist in Tayyip’s eyes and supporters.

And with the coup attempt, the opposition is seen by AKP voters as terrorists from now on.

Because, after they killed the soldiers, they resume their show on the streets  during the next days of the coup attempt.

This took place at the Kizilay square, Ankara on that video. The AKP voters or sympathizers are celebrating with Islamic invocation. What they celebrate? Do you think is there any possibility that they celebrate the Turkish democratic secular republic?

The similar video has been taken at the garden building of General Stuff of Turkey in Ankara, after the coup attempt. The others were taken in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Malatya or etc. The Islamic communities at Turkey with the call of Erdogan went out the streets.

Here one of them, at the below link Ismailaga Islamic community is walking through the Taksim square with yelling “Allahu ekber”.

The ordinary Turkish citizen knew always these communities lived with them. But they never showed themselves like this way, strengthened their presence by two major events :With the ISIS terrorists inside the Turkey and the Tayyip Erdogan Islamic rule, they feel themselves more powerful.

The 15th -16th of July , 2016 will be remembered as the day of  night of the long knives in Turkey or Reichstag fire of Turkey at the future. Within a a year there’s  a  high degree of probability,  that an Islamic uprising will take place in Turkey. With this, USA or/and NATO will dress it’s hero costume and will seem to interfere to the  country’s events with a rescue image. The result of these events will be devastating for both Turkey’s citizens and the region even for the entire world.

This is the Part 1 of the Analysis


7 thoughts on “Analysis- What happened in Turkey -Part 1: Was this a failed and bad organized military coup attempt or a rehearsal of other murky affairs?”

  1. Excellent article! It seems that the only beneficiary of this coup was Erdogan and his AKP party. Did he have the motive, means, and opportunity to state this fake coup? Yes, yes, and yes.

    It seems the soldiers involved were double-crossed or sacrificed. The mention of a drill or exercise is significant.

    Also, the military hierarchy contributes to the compartmentalized knowledge of the soldiers involved.

    I suppose it is also possible that Erdogan let this controlled coup happen on purpose without himself actually directing or ordering it.

    Regardless, some group within the military was betrayed or “burned”. Thus could be seen as a sort of purge.

    The connection to this group in Pennsylvania seems to convenient for Erdogan.

    Erdogan knew in advance this “coup” was coming. The only question is whether the whole thing was fake in nature (his administration planned it) or if there was a real coup wrapped in a fake coup. Obviously, the response by police and citizens (courtesy of these suspicious mosque messages) was swift and effective. I can’t but thinking that such logistics for a counterattack were planned months in advance (at least).

    Erdogan has taken the word “democracy” and given it a new meaning. Vaclav Havel lamented long ago how the meaning of “peace” had changed in Czechoslovakia. Erdogan’s “democracy” is ever-more-concentrated Islamic dictatorship.

    Erdogan is a liability to NATO. And NATO is a liability to the world.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems like a civil unrest is taking place in Turkey or a small “cleansing” .A lot of voices and media wrote that he probably orchestrated it or he was aware of it .I think that Turkey has turned its back to democracy even more now with a civil dictature.

      Liked by 1 person

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