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Analysis- What happened in Turkey ?-Part 2 : The politics and the impact of the coup d’état attempt inside and beyond Turkey.

Part 1 here

The failed coup d’état attempt developments in Turkey are faced as a serie of events of a myth story against a reality one. And is not easy  to distinguish which story is a myth or reality mainly when it comes to the myth that the democracy won in Turkey after the failed  coup!

On the contrary,  the existing anti-democratic and undemocratic monocracy of the Sultan won the threat of the military junta. In both cases  there has been, for a long time now, one single loser: Democracy .Turkey experienced in the past  a total of 6 military coups during the last 50 years: in 1960,  1971 :Turkish military memorandum, 1980, 1993, 1997 and last Friday’s coup.

It is probably worth pointing out in the first instance that the traditional rivalry in Turkish society has been between secularists (including those in the army) who look to the modern state’s founder, Kemal Atatürk, and Islamists – not least Erdogan’s AKP party.

With the establishment of a well-organized ISIS network inside the turkish territory which conducts often terrorist attacks and with the islamist ruling of Mr Erdogan,  people who want to establish an Islamic revolution law (see Iran) into the country they feel more powerful themselves now in this post-coup Turkey. A tangible sign showing that democracy is the big loser after this coup is that we didn’t see any Occupy Gezi protester or partisans from other opposition parties to go out and protest as the AKP one’s did.

The United States and the European Union stepped up pressure on Monday on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to not use an attempted coup as an excuse for an authoritarian crackdown.Officials even suggested that Turkey’s continued membership in NATO and its aspirations of joining the European Union could be at stake. Meanwhile all public officials in Turkey are not allowed of living the country.

At this point   we have to discuss about the importance of  who are the “ISIS terrorists in Turkey and what they want.”  by  explaining some important events that happened before the coup attempt. This would be useful for the understanding of “why this coup attempt took place” literally.

  • First of all the 17/25 December corruption files  scandal which triggered the beginning of the conflict between the Gulen society movement and Tayyip Erdogan.

Until the massive bribery and corruption investigations of 2013, Erdogan and the Gulen movement were close allies showing a strong interest in conservative Islamic values and “Turkishness”.

Since 2013 the centre of growing tension in recent years between the Gülenists, Erdoğan and the AKP has been Erdoğan’s blaming of the existance of Gülenists in the police .This came as a response after the revelation of judiciary for anti-corruption allegations in 2013 that targeted senior supporters of the president, including his son Bilal. The scandal was about MIT trucks which shipped weapons to ISIS, contrary of what has been told to the media about this subject by the Turkish government.

The allegations were seen as retaliation for Erdoğan’s moves against Gülenist schools as the president attempted to limit the growth of the movement

Gulen movement’s influence worked in Erdogan’s favour, helping him be elected to government in 2003. Gulen made Erdogan the  powerful man of Turkey he is today. But some things changed during that period , and probably they couldn’t find an agreement of how to share  money and power and  became  bitter ennemies.
This conflict of interests turned into a “kind of war” during the past 3 years. Zaman newspaper and the other firms linked to Gulen society movement have been seized by the government.

There is an undeniable fact that  members of  the Gulen society are in the Turkish army. Even there are books written by serious journalists that describe  how Gulen community  members were placed in  the army in the early 90’s. But Tayyip Erdogan has never acted against them. Already they used this “friends with benefits“relationship  mutually in order to eliminate or weaken all opposite voices within Turkey.

During the last  case for which he was arrested in the US, prosecutors have noted that Zarrab donated $4.5 million to a charity founded by Emine Erdoğan, the wife of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


This had been an unsolved problem for him. Becuase there are many speculations that he doesn’t have an university degree. The President isn’t helped in the matter by the official website of Marmara University ( from where he declares that he graduated from), which states that the aforementioned faculty never existed, but that the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences was formed in 1982.In this case, so if he does not have  any university degree, he wouldn’t have been the president of Republic of Turkey according to the constitution. The  country’s opposition open a case about this subject but until today, these cases were refused  to be examinated by  the judges in Turkey. And from now on is going to be more difficult .

Nobody knows exactly  what happened there. But it is clear that while the government was saying “we are fighting against PKK”, they killed a lot of innocent people . AKP government is responsible for a lot of crimes against the population there.




The 35% of Turkey’s tourist sector  depends directly on the Russian tourists and it  has declined a lot during last year due to the russian sanctions: many hotels went bankrupt etc. Nonetheless, turkish food exporters sent turkish products to Russia via Eastern European countries. Erdogan tried to deal this issue and  he sent an apology letter to the Russian president among other reasons. However, there has not been an important improvement yet.
  • The restoration of ties with  Israel

Israel and Turkey have reached a deal to normalize diplomatic relations, six years after an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla left eight Turks and an American citizen of Turkish origin dead. Turkish aid arrived in the Gaza Strip on July 4 via Israel.

  • During the last 2 years,  the AKP -government tried to destroy the secular image of Turkey.
Since 2012, the AKP has embarked on a systematic, multi-pronged effort to Islamize Turkey’s education system.The AKP’s reforms have also greatly expanded the religious content of regular academic high schools. Furthermore, has vowed to reconstruct the historic Taksim military barracks in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, a project that sparked country-wide anti-government protests in 2013.
According to the news, SADAT is based in Istanbul, and on its website is is advertised that  it gives unconventional warfare to counter-insurgency training. The training consists of “operational techniques consisting of street actions and secret movement type activities” and as well”intelligence, psychological warfare, sabotage, raids, ambushes, assassinations” . There is  an information that SADAT provides support to ISIL and trains its militants in its camps. 
A  Journalist Ismail Saymaz, on June 29, 2016  told in a tv programme the bloody actions of the ISIS members in Turkey one by one. He said that the proofs of all of them were in the hands of government with documents and despite this, the explosions occured.”
  • Erdogan’s announcement  on July the 3rd, that he we will give citizenship and home to the Syrian refugees.”

Erdogan announced on July 2 that the government was working on offering citizenship to Syrians. He did so while addressing a crowd of Syrians in the southeastern town of Kilis, near the Syrian border, which has borne the brunt of the Syrian conflict more than any other place in the country. “I want to give you good news tonight,” Erdogan said. “There are those among our brothers and sisters who I believe want to become citizens. Our Interior Ministry is taking steps for this.”

Probably Erdogan wants to create new voters for himself from Syrian refugees. Their number is 3.2 million people and is an important number to be considered. Besides, according to sources  t these refugees will be placed in the southeastern towns and cities where the operations against PKK & the Kurds took place and people left their homes. A change of the demography probably which will favor him into the areas where they voted mainly for the  pro-Kurdish HDP…

  • The three foundations of democracy, namely the legislative, executive and judiciary, as it should be independent  one other  it seems like the legislative is in danger as it has been  captured in a way by Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP government. At least, they acted to destroy  its independence.

10 days prior to coup attempt, they passed a law that will end the duties of hundreds of prosecutors and judges  at the State Council & the Supreme Court. Even, many judges and prosecutors took to the streets to protest with their robes.The Turkish government  removed 2,745 judges from duty in the wake of a failed military coup.


The failed coup as it is presented through the media one could suggest that the Gulen society was involved in this one way or another. However, the government was aware of this coup attempt  and this coup was turned into a show of force of Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamic uprising supporters. After the return to normal, all NATO countries sent their support message  to Tayyip Erdogan but as well  a message of support  came from Ahrar al-Sham which is linked to Al Qaeda and supported by the AKP government in Syria against Assad’s regime.
During the first 24 hours after the coup attempt  a “witch hunt” started by the AKP government. Last figures as you will see, they are not only about the arrested soldiers who attempted the coup. Inside the arrested people there are so many judges and public prosecutors. In Istanbul only, 2300 people are in custody. Already the  minister of justice Bekir Bozdag made an announcement and he said that “the cleaning  continues, right now, about 6000 people are in custody, but this number will grow”
In addition to all of this information to take into consideration, it is not certain what is happening in Turkey right now.  In fact, the  AKP government and Tayyip Erdogan want to bring back the death penalty . Germany and the whole EU (and the US) said that  negotiations for Turkey to join theEuropean Union would end if the Turkish government decides to revive the death penalty .
Turkey is a country lived to many coups. Almost every 15-20 years, the country experiences a new coup  sometimes military sometimes civil. When we look at all of them, like in the 1980 coup, we find CIA traces like former officer Paul Henze says to the US president Carter: “our boys did it.”Turkey accused  the United States of being behind this military coup as well.
The difference between this and the previous coup was that this one took place during the night. Usually, in the previous one’s the citizens woke up in the morning and they saw the soldiers in the front of their homes. The commanders who made this coup usually they arrested all politicians and they do not bomb the parliament. Instead of closing the Bosphorus bridge, they seized the country’s institutions. And never before, even 6 months before the coup, one could declare of a coup possibility in the near future by  journalists or namely experts in foreign press or institutions. Nobody knows in advance that a coup will take place. Was this so bad organized?

However, it seems that Erdogan found the opportunity to seize more power in Turkey.

World leaders warn the Sultan Erdogan not to use uprising as excuse for crackdown as more than 6,000 arrested. Are we sure that the arrests are fair because of their participation in the coup attempt and will be treated fairly?

For God’s sake, soldiers of 20 years old were killed or beheaded because they were following orders and thinking there were in a military exercice some of them? What kind of brutalism is this?

 For example with the latest news we see that only in the  Interior Ministry , 8777 people staff was suspended. Is everyone sure  enough that all these people were involved in this coup attempt?  It needs to be though twice by everyone who reads this. Who orchestrated this and why? Why the reconciliation with Russia, Israel and there are rumours about Egypt and Assad takes place at the same time?

What will be the influence of this failed coup for the region and world? Will Turkey close the door to the road of becoming an EU member once and for all? One thing is for sure, the developments in Turkey will affect the politics in all its neighboring countries!








12 thoughts on “Analysis- What happened in Turkey ?-Part 2 : The politics and the impact of the coup d’état attempt inside and beyond Turkey.”

  1. Another excellent article! This is very important. All of these events paved the way for whatever this coup really was.

    Wayne Madsen has called it a “fly paper” coup: a trap. A false flag. I think the “fly paper” metaphor is very powerful.

    I am wondering why the base in Adana was targeted by Turkish police. Why did they cut the power?

    NATO would have gained by ousting Erdogan, but the questions are good. How could a coup in a country fairly familiar with coups be so ineffective?

    There is something theatrical about this whole thing which indicates to me that it was Erdogan and his closest associates who devised this stratagem.

    My heart breaks for the Turkish people to deal with this kind of governance.

    Perhaps the CIA have made a deal with Erdogan? They will keep him in power as long as he keeps supporting the proxy army ISIS.

    Just as the Turkish police arrested the Turkish army, never underestimate the divide between the CIA and the U.S. military. These two entities are seemingly quite often not on the same page. There are working at cross purposes. In fact, they may be essentially fighting one another in Syria (but that’s another story).

    I can only say a prayer for peace. I don’t know the magical answer. Who is a good leader? Who can solve this problem?

    I pray for the Turkish people. For their safety and prosperity. We have the same problem in the U.S.: the whole country is divided.

    I don’t know. God help us.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. One thing is sure they organized this coup in a very bad way without a concrete plan in my opinion. We’re going to see now the Turkish Islamic revolution. I think Turkey will close its negociations with the Eu one and for all. That’s why Erdogan wanted to normalise with Russia and Israel even Assad and Sissi. He was aware of the coup even before but i don’t think that he organized it. He left it to take place in order to seize more power as we see now. All the lists with the arrests is just shocking and well prepared

      Liked by 1 person

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