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Turkey and the post-coup era: Turkey is taking a big step backwards in Freedom of Speech and Human Rights (Analysis- Part 3)

* Dear reader, the translation from the official sources may not be 100% exact .

The suspension of Human Rights and Freedom of speech for the Opposition in Turkey is commonplace after the failed coup era. It is common ground that what is taking place now in Turkey it has nothing to do with the return to constitutional order and the restoration of the democratic institutions within Turkey.

More than 60 thousand military staff, judges, professors, teachers, public employees and civil servants among others have been arrested or prosecuted in their positions in the view of the supposedly clearing of the country from the coup’s outbreak elements. Turkish President continues his “cleansing” after the failed military coup of Friday night continued in all sectors.

Erdogan, who narrowly escaped capture and possible death during the attempted coup, has declared a state of emergency, allowing him to sign laws without prior parliamentary approval in a drive to root out supporters of the coup.

Erdogan has accused U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has many followers in Turkey, of masterminding the abortive coup. The former friend and current Erdogan’s ennemy lives in the United States in exile; Turkey has already asked a request for extradition but US Secretary of State John Kerry asked for hard evidence of involvement of the preacher Fethullah Gülen in the failed coup. Only then Gülen could be delivered.In his first decree Erdogan ordered the closure of thousands of private schools, charities and foundations with suspected links to Gulen, who denies involvement in the coup.
The most popular way they use in order to crack down the opposition from expressing it’s point of view is to stop them while talking with the motto saying “you are FETO supporters.” Even the situation has become very dangerous for the freedom of speech, the people who are known as being against Fethullah Gulen’s society for the last decades, are blamed now by AKP-supporters today as Gulen supporters because they are part of  AKP’s opposition. (More about Gulen Society and Erdogan relationship could be found in the part 2).

Even the situaiton has become very dangerous as regards freedom of speech in a more general way. People who are known Fethullah Gulen society opponents for decades, are blamed right now as Gulen supporters. Isn’t that funny? People are starting to lose their freedom of speech right now. Because Tayyip Erdogan who was always seen next to Fethullah Gulen’s companies for more than 20 years, after the 17/25 December corruption files of AKP deputies they became bitter enemies.
Even Tansu Ciller, who is Turkey’s first and only female prime minister to date, has been accused of being a supporter of Gulen’s society during the last days.A pro-AKP newspaper wrote that Tansu Ciller was present at the opening of Bank Asia which is known that it belonged to Fethullah Gulen society back in 1996. She made an announcement yesterday againt these claims. She said that “some media claims and statements about her “do not reflect truth”. However, the same day in 1996 Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul were at that opening as you can see from that picture here.


    • The AKP’s lynch-cleansing campaign and psychological pressure:

It seems that AKP supporters forced Tansu Ciller and she made such a statement in public under psychological pressure, as well as other people in Turkey are living the same pressure right now.
For instance, Professor of History , Nurşen Mazıcı at Marmara University she was removed from a discussion program during a live broadcast on a TV channel (HaberTurk) the 25th of July in the evening. She was removed for saying that AKP cooperated with gülenists  for 10 years, thus responsible. She is traited like a traitor in Turkey. However, it is known that she’s an Ataturkist since decades now.
Pro-AKP supporters journalists who joined the program did not even let her talk during the programme. The process which started like this, has continued to lynch campaing against her in July 26. Even on her facebook profile picture there are a lot of angry faces below. Sad!

What she said at the HabetTürk programme in summary:
 -The lives of the people who were sent in front of the tanks are valuable at least as much as Erdogan's life.
 -The leaders who are against the coups into the world, they stand against the tanks by themselves, and don't send the public to do so.
 -We are against the coups, but if we don't search who gained the profit from it, we cannot find the guilty of the coup.(Also she mentioned "cui bono"" whose profit from it")
 -The ones who said once a time "What did they want and what we didn't give to them? to the terror organization which is named by same people as now, they gave F-16 (warplane) to them; we don't have life safety into this country.
 -The soldiers withdraw when they receive order from commanders, police withdraws when they receive order from police commissioners; but to put the public into the streets is very dangerous, becuase in this case you don't have control.
 -Being against the coup does not mean to cover up what AKP's did; to criticize AKP does not mean that you support the coup.


 As last, Nursen Mazıcı has used "the people who were dead" for the people who died at the coup attempt while trying to stop tanks , and all pro-AKP supporters at the studio started to tell her with saying "you have to say martyr for them" and she rejected with explaining these words, "I am scientist. While I am making a scientific determination, I don't have to say "martyr". Martyrdom is a religious concept."


One  AKP-supporter and journalist  said to her “you have to say! Know your place! Or you would be teach your place” like in a threatening way.
Afterwards, she was removed from the program during the commercial break, the speaker of the programme explained why she was asked to leave.
The events didn’t finish there. Just after midnight, at 01.48 am. Marmara University  made an announcement about her via their Twitter account:

“We condemn the words of Nursen Mazıcı and legal and administrative practices will start against her distant statements on her academic responsibility as soon as possible.”

It shows appear that the management of the university university couldn’t wait for the next morning to make such an announcement and they twitted it the same night.
The next day, AKP’s supporters launched a witch campaign against Nursen Mazıcı through pro-AKP newspapers and social media accounts.

  • AKP denies having any relationship with the Gulen society from 2003-2013

The Turkish opposition which didn’t vote for Erdogan counts approximately 30 million of people and they’re against Erdogan’s policies in Turkey. Even they do have very different political ideas as some of them are nationalists, socialists, communists, Ataturkists and many others, they do have a common view in one point: they don’t vote for AKP.
One AKP’s opponent has one question in mind right now: “ Why we don’t see any politicians from AKP being arrested for being members of FETO’s society? “.

It is a sad fact, unfortunately, but it is a fact nonetheless , because from 2002 to 2014, all assignments to the country’s public officers and army who were or are members of the Fethullah Gulen’s society , were made and ordered by the AKP governments, the board of the ministers and the President of the Republic himself all these years. However nor Tayyip Erdogan neither his deputies accept these and they are saying instead “we were deceived with the false documents

AKP-Opposition’s people in Turkey want an answer to this question: Why any politic responsbility has not been taken so far by the AKP regarding the failed coup?
They pose this question via twitter or other social media.N evertheless, the response of this question is to arrest them.

The state of emergency has been invoked in the name of “the people” . But who can speak, arrest, judge and kill in the name of the people? If the people must be represented, who can legitimately represent them? In his attempt to restructure the state and change the constitution, Erdoğan’s greatest task will be to prove to be “the people”; and the task of the opposition will be to prove him wrong.

After the coup attempt the people figures who were arrested based on the accusation of defamation regarding Erdogan are arising day by day. Aged between 17 and 63, students or teachers .
Even some of them who share the pictures of the old good days were the same AKP deputies were saying very good words for Fethullah Gulen, via their twitter accounts, are blamed immediately for defamation to Tayyip Erdogan and they are arrested even if “Sultan’s name” is not used.
In one twit, the good words for Fethullah Gulen said by Samil Tayyar, an AKP deputy, Bekir Bozdag who is Minister of Justice right now, and I. Melih Gokcek who is Ankara’s mayor for the last 20 years.
For instance Melih Gokcek was angry with one twitter user, and M. Gokcek said  to him: –Be good behave! you cannot say FETO for Fethullah Gulen! You apologize!”
Bekir Bozdag says via twitter “I send my good wishes to respectable Fethullah Gulen from Antalya.”
These and similar attitudes of some AKP deputies and members, were seen before 2014, during 12 years. But, when the people share these, they are arrested for defamation to Tayyip Erdogan right now.

This denial and attitude of muting Tayyip Erdogan’s opponents and deputies, has turned into profit to Erdogan’s supporters from the first day since the coup. Turkish society is divided after the coup even more than before.

  • Witch hunt of AKP’s opponents

Since 15 July, and for five days, all the mosques announced “sela” prayers ordered by the AKP in every single hour.

 Sela prayers are traditionally recited from mosques during funerals, though they are also performed to rally people. During Friday night's attempted military coup, sela prayers were repeatedly recited from mosques across the country throughout the night to rally the people against the coup plotters.

The first night in the district of Torbalı, Izmir, in a village at midnight, when the poeple heard this timeless prayer they went to the mosque. According to the news they asked to the mosque’s imam, “did the sharia come here?”. Then there was a discussion. And in the village 20 people were arrested blaimed that they are praising the coup.Nonetheless, the people of the village are known as leftists or even communists . According to residents of this village and people from these areas they name the locals as FETO’s supporters.  Similar events were lived in different places in Izmir, Artvin, Duzce and elsewhere.
Additionally, fear and uncertainty gain more and more ground in Turkey day by day. This happens because AKP supporters and voters are tracking AKP’s opponents through twitter and other social media accounts and they give their names to the police forces with the blame that they are  FETO’s supporters. All these people don’t have any idea if they are arrested with this blaming, what will happen to them? It reminds me scenes from the second world war. There is an unclear custody and arresting period for the people who are arrested for these accusations.
Without a doubt, Erdoğan and his supporters are attempting to appropriate “the national will” and traditional symbols of the republic to reinforce their own power. But they are doing much more than that. What is at stake is the very constitution, literally and figuratively, as its lines of amity and enmity are redrawn.

Amnesty International has gathered credible evidence that detainees in Turkey are being subjected to beatings and torture, including rape, in official and unofficial detention centres in the country.

The organization is calling for independent monitors to be given immediate access to detainees in all facilities in the wake of the coup attempt, which include police headquarters, sports centres and courthouses. More than 10,000 people have been detained since the failed coup.

Already the world has seen the videos of torture by the police who they even have threaten to rape a 10 months old baby of the coup plotter soldier who was under custody. Or the photos like the photos of former Turkish Air Force commander General Akın Ozturk during the arrest and day after before the court. Obvioulsy while he was under police custody according to these photos, he was beaten and bruises emerged on his face.

  • Graveyard for traitors

Even if the people involved in the coup attempt (but the responsibilities are not cleared because as we explained on the part 1 some of them were just executing orders of their superiors) and died that day or after, they are buried at the Traitor Cemetery. Yes, this is an invention of the mayor in Istanbul. So if people are stamped of being members of FETO’s society and die they they will be buried to the Traitor Cemetery.

The opposition in Turkey reacted against this cemetery with giving as an example:

“In 2010-2013 there was the case of Ergenekon-Balyoz. And the same government of AKP and Tayyip Erdogan were saying that these people are coup plotters, traitors at those days but nowadays some of these people are traitors. So, if the winds change again, who will be the traitor?
Also, what is the crime of their children or families of the people who are buried/will be buried at the Traitor Cemetery?”


  • How Greece and Cyprus are implicated in this story?

Eight Turkish military officers who fled the July 15 failed coup attempt in Turkey by traveling to Greece have been given more time to press their asylum claim, their lawyer said on July 27.

The eight men – two commanders, four captains and two sergeants – requested asylum in Greece after landing a military helicopter in the northern city of Alexandroupoli four days after the attempted government takeover.

They will remain in police custody in Greece until their asylum applications are heard.A first ruling had been expected in early August but now they have been summoned to a hearing on Aug. 19, according to their lawyer.The eight claim they will not receive a fair trial in Turkey.

On the other hand, some Turkish Cypriots fear it’s just a matter of time before Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s purge reaches their shores.
According to Cyprus Mail a Nicosia-based businessman (from Turkey), no admirer of Feto, claimed that there are many Fetulah Gulen people in Cyprus, the most significant of whom, he says, are in Kyrenia.

Meanwhile, three Turkish Cypriot students attending an Istanbul military academy plus a number of senior Turkish officers who once held civil defence and military commands in the north are reported among the thousands arrested in Turkey in the ongoing crackdown.

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15 thoughts on “Turkey and the post-coup era: Turkey is taking a big step backwards in Freedom of Speech and Human Rights (Analysis- Part 3)”

  1. Another excellent article!

    Nursen Mazici is right. “Cui bono?” Who benefits? I only see Erdogan and AKP benefitting. Therefore, I maintain that this coup must have been something other than what it seemed.

    Nursen Mazici is right again. Saying “martyr” is allowing “semantic infiltration”. This is a very important phrase (semantic infiltration) coined by a Mr. Iklé of the Rand Corporation.

    Saying “martyr” is to use the words of Erdogan and AKP. Saying “martyr” is to validate the ridiculous, uncredible details of this “coup”. Saying “martyr” is letting the “thinking” of Erdogan/AKP prevail.

    Nursen Mazici is right. She is a scientist. “Martyr” is a religious word. “Martyr” cements the Turkish government story. Therefore, she is very careful with her words. She intuitively understands semantic infiltration: don’t let the enemy frame the discussion. When you use the words of your enemy, they have infiltrated your thinking.

    As an American, I can honestly say that Erdogan is a disastrous leader.

    I don’t understand all the issues. I don’t speak Turkish. But I can see that this “coup” benefitted no one but Erdogan.

    For me, it is clear that Mr. Erdogan planned the coup himself. The only other option is that he allowed a coup to happen while controlling it tightly.

    Perhaps it was a combination. In any case, 90% of the 60,000 are innocent of all wrongdoing.

    Turkey is headed in the wrong direction. It seems the people of Turkey have been brainwashed.

    Islam and science can coexist. But there must be honesty. Erdogan and his movement are not being honest.

    Turkey is going backwards. Erdogan is a dictator. Erdogan is not a Muslim. He’s a traitor to his people. The real “martyrs” (if we must use that word) are the 60,000. They are unwilling, unknowing martyrs to Erdogan’s stupidity.


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    1. Let me search it and i will come back to you asap.Thank you for your contrubution and especially your last post it has enlightened us.

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