Hande Kader Turkey LGBT

#LGBT lives matter :My name is Hande


My name is Hande. I am a transexual woman who was so unfortunate to live in such an unjust world and struggle in such a country that wanted to oppress my body, to politicize my existence and to silence down my voice.

But I did not allow them to silence me down. Here in this photo I stand firm in last year’s gay pride in Istanbul. I am keeping my head up despite my tearful eyes. My existence is nothing but a resistance to the social and political oppression that surrounds me around.

I am a sex worker, as many trans women are. Although the society has tried to exclude me, despising my way of life, here I stand questioning the sexist discrimination against me, demanding respect for my body.

No more tear gas, water canons, no more prosecutions for me. My smile and tears are all gone now.

I am victim of the praised masculinity that has grown up in this society as a terrible sickness finally making it gangren. I am a victim of your ethical values that serve the political interests of rulers and patriarchs that boiled up the ‘hate’ that burned me alive.

My murder is not a simple murder, it is a political crime. The misogny and transphobia are the beasts that have killed me with cold blood.

Yet, do not you see? You are me and I am you! If you still breath, then how can I really die?

I know the dead bodies can not talk, but my silence becomes the scream of a woman out there, who types those words as she could be me or who takes to the streets with my name between her lips and who has the courage to make her body her shield in her struggle to set herself free.

I know the dead bodies can not talk, but I am you and you are me! And when you hear my silence, then our voice becomes louder!

Text credit :Esra Dogan



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