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Greece is closing down Tv Stations as it has decided that only 4 private channels should exist as the way they are today: Freedom of speech might be in danger!

There are no words to describe the disappointment of some Greeks regarding Mr Tsipras government and his unprecedented decision to control the media in GreeceIt is inconceivable, for a so called european country, that  a man decides how many TV channels will operate in a country. At the same time, why Mr Tsipras doesn’t take a decision of how many butcheries will operate in Athens? And where the EU stands regarding this hysteria of authoritarianism?

We should not forget that Greece is a country in a completely chaotic situation as the deal between the EU and Turkey regarding the refugies doesn't seem to work. Since its re-election, Mr Tsipras raised taxes while salaries start from 300-500 per month. Let's put Apple to manufacture the Iphone in Greece for the same price instead of China! It seems that the country's creditors don't care about freedom of expression or other issues in Greece, as it is already a failed state for them. Besides, who has  ever seen Europe handling its problems with success during the last years? The most positive news that we heard is that TTIP negotiations called to an end by France and Germany. In reality, TTIP would be a trojan horse regulation into the EU which aims to destroy everything that the financial crisis did not destroy yet in order to make dollar stronger! Even for this issue, Obama's strategy has failed again!

How profoundly sad sounds all that for Obama but let’s see what is happening now in Greece! Eight candidates are closed into a building (yes it’s like the Big Brother show!!!)  with CCTV everywhere and the successful candidate will be the one who offers the most! And of course this has nothing to do with leftish governments as Syriza has already told that Syriza of 2015 is not in the same line of politics with 2016’s Syriza !

For a EUropean country as Greece, the not at all honourable images that unfolding since yesterday morning at the General Secretariat of Information, when TV representatives of every channel entered the building for the television licenses tenders, carrying suitcases, bags and sleeping bags (with sleeves or arm-holes).

Representatives of TV licences candidates walk towards the General Secretariat of Information and Communications (GGEE) in Athens, Greece, 30 August 2016. The procedure for the granting of four TV licences started on 30 August with eight candidates. According to the proceedings, the building of the General Secretariat of Information and Communications (GGEE), where the tender takes place was thoroughly checked by the Greek Police and sealed. Throughout the process the participants will remain in specific areas and they will be allowed to go out of the room only accompanied. Also, the use of personal computers or wireless devices will be prohibited. EPA/YANNIS KOLESIDIS

The auction began at 9:00 yesterday morning inτο a very challenging mood related to the integrity of the proceedings and under some unprecedented conditions for a democratic state while all Tv representatives  have delivered their mobile phones.

A TV CEO (Skai Tv) said that TV channels have to pay a ransom to keep the channels operating under this modern democracy. With the transition to digital technology there’s no technical reason that the space is limited for Tv channels. This argument does not stand at all. Greek government has decided to make money as much as it can from the Tv channel stations in order to let them operating in the future. That’s the whole point!

Throughout the tenders procedure, the head of each delegation will be allowed to leave the small room in which he/ she will be isolated only to visit the toilets accompanied by police escorts! It is the vilification of the human being working for the freedom of expression down to the lowest point of his or her existence. He/she  will not have right to communicate with anyone at all, and he/ she will remain blocked until the end and this applies even for the winner of the first auction.

I would appeal to all Greek friends who still vote for Syriza to reconsider their position asap as the Syriza government has nothing to do with modern democracy in Greece or the  Left wing. From the beginning, they did not respect the will of the Greek people in the EU referendum and they applied  stricter measures from the one’s that the pro-EU governments voted since the beginning of the greek debt crisis in 2009 approximately.

The channels that will not obtain a licence will be off air within 90 days after the end of the tenders according to government’s spokesman and as you can read in local media and on Reuters. For the Brussels bureaucracy the era of “compromises” with the Greek elite is over,and  today they require its absolute obedience and therefore they will not come to save any Tv channel. The reason is simple: they trust Mr Tsipras as a very loyal partner who follows their technocratic line without second thought! It is time for the EU to demand and apply more democracy within its own borders before expressing its disappointment for authoritarian regimes outside the EU!  In other words, what is taking place today in Greece regarding TV licences is incompatible with the EU law!

The whole government project orchestrated by Syriza and its far-right government partner Anel, could turn into an utter fiasco which will affect negatively even more the greek economy and it will result in thousands of TV workers becoming unemployed. Firstly, they decided that the opposition channel Mega Tv will not take part at all to this licence competition and probably the next targets will be another opposition Tv station as Skai Tv or the daily journal Kathimerini.

This is surely a first time scheme of “media cleansing” in Greece and no one can exclude that will be extended to free Internet sites cleanse within the next few months. It is very likely in the near future to see similar scenes regarding the  freedom of expression and cultural pluralismin terms for the online media in Greece and beyond.

This is an issue with huge implications for the quality of information in the country and the freedom of the press or expression for which humanity has fought hard to establish them.

This competition and decision about limitation of TV channels for which the government will decide who will get any licence characterizes and specifies an illiberal and totalitarian regime that intends to decide about the people without any possible consultation with the people. The Greek government will select their “own” licence winners out of this authorization process and those who would accept to submit to their political opportunism and frames in order to continue broadcasting their signal across Greece.

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