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The unnecessary vanity fair of Euro-Med countries in Athens

I talked with a friend of mine living in Greece, yesterday. She received her income tax declaration and she was very surprised to see that from the 6000 € she earns she has to pay now 1200€ to the greek state. Inimaginable and quite grotesque for the so-called radical left government of Mr Tsipras or what i would call Tsiprandreou‘s government which came to power using the motto First Time Left“. But Tsipras didn’t explain us for which left wanted to apply in Greece when he was elected, Che Guevara’s left or Stalin’s & Ceausescu’s unforgettable LEFT.

Back in 2002, the Economic Policy Institute was writing that ultimately, the fate of the euro will mirror the fate of the European economy. With the manufacturing decline in Europe, no one can predict today that the euro will last forever, as we import all the industry products we need from China or Vietnam!

European Union leaders will convene in Bratislava next week to talk about the future of the beleaguered bloc after Britain’s bombshell decision to leave it. But the leaders of southern Europe stole a march on that summit on Friday, outlining their priorities in Athens.

“Europe is at a crossroads. It must re-inspire its people… this requires substantial measures to improve the lot of European citizens,” said Greek premier Alexis Tsipras, who convened the group of seven EU members stretching from Portugal to Cyprus.

According to Al-Jazeera, the Athens Declaration, also signed by France, Italy, Spain, and Malta, calls on the EU to double the size of a $350bn economic stimulus package for the continent. It also calls for a substantial development package for North Africa to help stem a tide of economic refugees of which Greece, Italy and Malta have borne the brunt.
During the WWII and while Greece was living under the nazi rule, there was no sovereignty by the elected people for the common good. Hitler was taking all decisions while the Nazi Wehrmacht and the SS used to require their immediate imposition. In the meanwhile, the quisling authorities in the country were trying to persuade people that all this punishment was taking place for their own sakes !!!

Today, Greeks and the other countries in the suffering South of Europe, are voting for governments that compete one another which one can impose more quickly the laws and austerity as these have been decided in common by Troïka and the IMF. To a large degree decisions are taken by Germany and Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister.

Greece’s Tsipras was even more direct in an interview on Thursday with French newspaper Le Monde. “We must decide whether we want a European Union or a German Europe,” he said.

The Austerity imposed to these countries cannot produce any development in the near future. The industry in Europe is declining and relocates in countries outside the Euro Zone. According to the greek newspaper Democracy another essential caracteristic of an occupying period is starvation!

  • We can see great similarities with those dark years of nazism in Greece:

The Prolepsis Institute of Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health says 54 percent of Greeks are not adequately fed.

Together with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Prolespis feeds daily 15,520 pupils, half of them live under poverty line, while almost 60% of them live below the reasonable living expenses.

A total of 1,053 applications have been submitted for inclusion in the Prolepsis & Niarchos foundation program.

In a so -called European country we can see very astonishing results according to this survey conducted back in 2015. The organization polled pupils at 64 schools in Athens and found that:

  • 25% of the children’s families were suffering from hunger
  • 60% were suffering from food insecurity, i.e. they do not get enough food.
  • In 61 % of cases, one of the two parents had no income at all (salary or pension).
  • 17% of the families have no income at all.
  • 22% of the familes have 3 or more children.
  • 11% of the children were not covered by social security.
  • 7% of the families had electricity outage for more than a week during 2014.
  • 3% of the families had no electricity during the time the survey was conducted.


The whole fair of Euro-Med countries in Athens just served as a message purely in  a communicative form for Germany and the Visegrad countries. Moreover, this quick-fix meeting did not reveal any commitments regarding the interests of the poor South countries or any other practical solutions to boost business and development as an answer to the harsh austerity policies imposed by the technocrats in Brussels and the rich North countries.

After 7 years of itching and destroying the Euro Zone, where the South of Europe is totally deserted from any perspective of recovery, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and France decided to get round the table and discuss some inapplicable, for the time being, policies in order to fight austerity. But, it might be too late now for some crocodile tears. The Med-7 countries did not impose their voice during all these years when Germany had to prepare and find solutions alone regarding the Euro-crisis.

Instead of standing up and defending their rights, through trying to impose their voices and to find common solutions  , the Med-7 bloc’s leaders were competing each other who applies more quickly austerity measures made by the technocrats in Brussels with the aid of Germany’s Wolfgang Schäuble. But if you leave the others who don’t know your country’s reality, to make plans for your own economy, surely this will lead to your economy’s destruction. Is as simple as that and that happened.

In the meantime, Germany made all the necessary institutional changes it really wanted to boost its own economy and now is the only economy which works somehow well into the Eurozone.

For, Tsipras was seeking to put on a show of solidarity by all fiscally challenged countries as he prepares for another round of negotiations with Greece’s creditors and international institutions over the disbursement of a €2.8 billion tranche of the country’s bailout program.

The seven leaders’ final statement didn’t mention the specific case of Greece. Instead, it read like a check list of reforms, suggested in recent weeks by European officials. Tsipras insisted that the group didn’t want to “split Europe.” Even though Berlin last week gave some indications that it might loosen its tough fiscal stance after next year’s elections, it is highly unlikely to show much enthusiasm for the ideas of the Mediterranean Seven.

A big absence from this vanity fair was Mr Rajoy’s absence. Spain’s Rajoy didn’t show up at this summit as we all now that Spain’s PM is the most obvious example of leaving “others” writing and applying the austerity measures for his country while begging all these technocrats to help him remain in power.

While Spain’s Rajoy play games, Spain’s economic problems remain serious.  The country is poorer than it was nine years ago, and one in five workers are without a job. Growth is respectable at 3.4% a year, but it is slowing and Rajoy’s claim to provide a safe pair of hands was proved false when he missed the deficit target last year, leaving it at 5%.

On the other hand,  the Greek way of handling the whole crisis with Varoufakis machismo and not any reliable plan B, cooked the Greeks into a century of austerity ahead them.

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