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The White Helmets: who are they? Netflix and its new Documentary shows a very distorted image of the group’s reality according to experts!

This week, the Syrian so called humanitarian group White Helmets is among the ‘alternative Nobel prize’ winners for this year. According to AlJazeera, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation cited the White Helmets, also known as Syria Civil Defence, for “outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement in rescuing civilians.”

Reuters characterizes them as the the Syria Civil Defense and adds that the group shares the award with Egyptian feminist and human rights activist Mozn Hassan, Russia’s Svetlana Gannushkina, who campaigns for the rights of migrants and refugees, and independent Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet.

“They come in after the bombs have fallen and free people from the ruins, from the rubble of the houses that have been bombed,” Ole von Uexkull, executive director of Right Livelihood Award Foundation, said of the White Helmets. (Reuters reports)

On the other hand, a Middle East Journalist, analyst and activist Vanessa Beeley who writes for the 21stCentyry Wire criticizes severely the Netflix documentary about the White Helmets Organisation.
The journalist says that she will reveal  through 21WIRE  more detailed reports on the Soros funding of the Netflix operation and of course further information on the REAL Syria Civil Defence that journalist Vanessa Beeley has recently met with and interviewed in Syria – in Aleppo, Lattakia, Tartous and the Head Quarters in Damascus.
Has Netflix revealed itself to be another deep state conscript? The recent Syria White Helmet promotional movie has caused uproar among people awakened to the US, UK state and intelligence agency involvement in this pseudo ‘first responder’ faux NGO outfit that has infiltrated Syria on behalf of its funders and donors based in the US and NATO neocolonialist “regime change” command centres.

Funded to the tune of over $60 million by the US, UK and EU member states, these mercenaries in beige clothing have a base of operations in Turkey, but appear to operate exclusively in terrorist-held zones in Syria, and can also be seen running ‘mop-up’ operations for Al Nusra Front and other terrorist fighting groups.

For a further reading on the White Helmets and their role in the Dirty War on Syria read 21st Century Wire’s comprehensive compilation of the most important investigations into NATO’s latest fifth column creation: Who are the Syria White Helmets

Pro -White Helmets

1.Original AlJazeera Documentary : Life under the bombs with a team of White Helmet rescue workers in Syria’s most dangerous city, Aleppo.

2.Pro-White Helmets- (NO SOUND) The White Helmets: documentary | Situation in Syria :

3. Anti-White Helmets


US-Funded NGO In Syria Uses Old Photo To Claim Civilian Deaths In Russian Airstrikes

From the moment the first Russian warplanes started launching attacks inside Syria, a new campaign in the information war was also launched, with various groups trying to get their stamps on conflicting stories about what exactly Russia attacked, whether they hit ISIS, ISIS allies, pro-US rebels, or just random Syrian civilians.

At the center of one of the bigger controversies was the “White Helmets” organization. Formerly known as the Syria Civil Defense, the group is heavily funded by the US State Department, and while the group claims to be purely an aid group, and not to be taking any side in the war, their statements overwhelmingly tow the official US line, leading to allegations that the group is little more than a “propaganda outlet.”

The Propaganda war against Syria led by Avaaz & the White Helmets : Follow Mrs Vanessa Beeley :

Who are these elusive “moderate rebels”?  You may well ask. Traditionally it is the US-backed “Free Syria Army” (FSA) that has been marketed as the cuddly, viable alternative to the Assad government which incidentally is the internationally recognised official government (outside of Washington and London)  of Syria, supported by the majority of the Syrian people. Recent polls place Assad’s popularity at around 80%  However we don’t have to dig too deep to reveal the hard line Islamist, Salafi affiliations of this so-called moderate group of brigands.

Whilst it is now well-known that far from being neutral, the White Helmets are in fact embedded with Jabhat al Nusra aka Al Nusra Front [the Syrian arm of Al Qaeda], it is perhaps not so well-known that their southern Damascus depot is situated at the heart of ISIS held territory, to the south of the notorious Palestinian Yarmouk Refugee Camp.  This image shows their insignia and emblem clearly on the wall and gates behind the selfie-taking ISIS mercenary in the foreground.




syria white helmets
Image :Netflix documentary, Credit :Netflix

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