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The European Parliament has voted to freeze long-term plans for Turkey to join the EU//Vote du parlement européen pour geler les négociations d’entrée de la Turquie dans l’UE.

Europaparl, the official site of the EU parliament , reported that the European Union lawmakers called on Thursday for a temporary halt to EU membership talks with Turkey because of Ankara’s “disproportionate” reaction to July’s failed coup, although EU governments are unlikely to take heed.

MEPs voted 479 in favour on the motion amending EU-Turkey relations, with 37 against and 107 abstentions in a plenary session in Strasbourg on Thursday.

Ahead of the vote, Erdogan said that whatever the EU Parliament decides, it “has no value in [Turkey’s] eyes.”

We have made clear time and time again that we take care of European values more than many EU countries, but we could not see concrete support from Western friends … None of the promises were kept,” he told an Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) conference in Istanbul on Wednesday.

Austria has led calls to stop Turkey’s membership talks. Germany, France and most other EU states for now back continued engagement and fear putting at risk Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s collaboration on migration.

This non-binding motion urges the European Commission and national governments to institute what lawmakers acknowledge would be a largely symbolic freeze in negotiations that have been going on for 11 years but have long been stalled.

Lawmakers called for the measure earlier this week, citing concerns about human rights in Turkey. They said the country is led by an “autocrat” in the form of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is seeking to “destroy” the EU. MEPs urged any negotiations on Turkey’s membership to be halted until Ankara makes a stronger effort to meet the bloc’s demands as it has been reported by Russia Today.

According to the official announcement, the re-introduction of the capital punishment by the Turkish government would lead to a formal suspension of the accession process, say MEPs, pointing out that “the unequivocal rejection of the death penalty is an essential element of the Union acquis.”

MEPs strongly condemn the “disproportionate repressive measures” taken by the Turkish government since the failed coup attempt in July 2016. These “violate basic rights and freedoms protected by the Turkish Constitution” itself, they say.

According to the Independent, more than 70,000 people have been jailed under emergency laws since the aborted military takeover this summer, and 100,000 fired from public sector jobs, many in schools and universities.

The EU agreed to accelerated talks on Turkey becoming a member of the EU in February as part of a deal which would see Middle Eastern and African refugees arriving on European shores deported back to Turkey.

Under the terms of the February deal, Turkey was also supposed to modify its anti-terror laws to bring them into line with existing EU policy in exchange for visa-free travel for Turkish citizens to the bloc. However, Mr Erdogan has suggested that rather than do so, in the light of the July coup he would consider asking parliament to bring back the death penalty – which would definitely rule out the possibility of EU membership.

Turkey has suggested it may instead join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, an economic bloc which includes China and Russia. EU leaders are due to discuss Turkey again when they meet in Brussels at a regular summit on Dec. 15-16.

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“The best gift Turks got this year..EU is a collapsing, semi-totalitarian wannabe empire..”

Reactions on Hurriyet Daily News

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  • Gel des négociations d’adhésion jusqu’à ce que la Turquie mette fin à la répression, pressent les députés

Les députés veulent un gel temporaire des négociations d’adhésion à l’UE avec la Turquie. Dans une résolution votée jeudi, ils disent que la Turquie devrait néanmoins rester “ancrée” à l’UE. Ils s’engagent également à revoir leur position lorsque les “mesures répressives disproportionnées” en Turquie seront levées.

“La Turquie est un partenaire important de l’Union européenne”, affirment les députés. “Mais la volonté politique de coopérer doit venir des deux parties au partenariat (…) La Turquie ne fait pas montre de cette volonté politique, et les mesures gouvernementales ne font qu’éloigner la Turquie de la voie européenne”, ajoutent-ils.

Un arrêt temporaire des négociations entraînerait qu’aucun nouveau chapitre de négociation ne soit ouvert et l’absence de nouvelles initiatives en ce qui concerne le cadre de négociation de l’UE avec la Turquie.

La peine capitale, une ligne rouge à ne pas franchir

La réintroduction de la peine de mort par le gouvernement turc entraînerait une suspension formelle du processus d’adhésion, disent les députés soulignant que “le rejet sans équivoque de la peine de mort est un élément essentiel de l’acquis de l’Union”.

Les députés condamnent fermement les “mesures répressives disproportionnées” prises par le gouvernement turc depuis la tentative de coup d’État manquée en juillet 2016. Elles “violent les droits fondamentaux et les libertés protégés par la Constitution turque”, disent-ils.

La résolution a été adoptée par 479 voix en faveur, 37 contre, avec 107 abstentions.

Avant la session parlementaire, le président turc avait déclaré que ce vote n’aurait «aucune valeur aux yeux de la Turquie, quelque soit le résultat». «Nous avons clairement prouvé que nous nous préoccupions plus des valeurs européennes que beaucoup de pays de l’Union, mais nous n’avons vu aucun soutien concret de nos amis occidentaux… Aucune des promesses n’ont été tenues», a-t-il affirmé.

Depuis le putsch manqué, plus de 70 000 personnes ont été arrêtées en Turquie et plusieurs dizaines de milliers de professeurs, policiers et magistrats, notamment, ont été limogés ou suspendus.

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4 thoughts on “The European Parliament has voted to freeze long-term plans for Turkey to join the EU//Vote du parlement européen pour geler les négociations d’entrée de la Turquie dans l’UE.”

  1. Turkey’s going further more totalitarian, but the EU itself is no better. In fact, EU countries, together with Turkey and the US are quite responsible for the birth of ISIS and Syrian civil war getting this harsh. I just hope the Kurds will be able to form their own state and use this mess for something good. Although I don’t really believe it will happen.

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    1. In fact all the situation around Turkey made Erdogan authoritarian…and the coup just finished the transition to dictatorship


      1. I think Erdogan himself is a dictatorial type from the start. He just needed good reasons to make himself a dictator. In fact I think he organised the coup from the shadow, because a coup as badly done as that one is ridiculous. And considering Erdogan, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it. He definitely used it pretty good.

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