ufo attack massive turkey

“UFO attack to Turkey”: Or by any other means “Trolling the whole world by the people of Turkey on twitter”

Thanks to Migo and his “alien” page for letting us know about this “imminent” attack today:

In the early hours of today, a hashtag was opened on twitter. Hashtag “#UFOattacktoTurkey”. In about an hour, this twitter hashtag rised to number one in the world trend.

Within a couple of hours, many twitter users around the world have supposed this news was true. But in fact, it was only a few Turks planned movement that has trolled the world.

The group in the background of the event is a group from Turkey which is called “goygoyrail” -goygoy means kind of chatty-. Before today, the group had already announced on their social account that it will do it. They said that shortly: “Without insulting anyone, we will pretend to see UFOs in every city, and we will send tweets on this subject. And we will troll the whole world.”

Source: “UFO attack to Turkey”: In another means “Trolling the whole world by the people of Turkey on twitter”


12 thoughts on ““UFO attack to Turkey”: Or by any other means “Trolling the whole world by the people of Turkey on twitter””

  1. The plane in the sky, as usually: With binoculars you one find out the company running the plane, and if one is an expert, also the type of the plane. Normally, you’ll neither find out where the plane comes from and where its going to, nor who the passengers are: So, you can say for yourself, in this way, that lots of UFOs appear in the course of the day.

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  2. Thank you my Earthling friend for reblogging! And, as the extraterrestrials, one of our duties is to inform the people about kind of this news is true or false. If you ask me “have you ever acknowledged any of them?”, my answer is yes, the most fantastic news about extraterrestrials such as “abduction by alien” are being approved and supported by us. After all we know well that majority of humankind(89.2%) lives in own fantasy world, also to see and push its limit is so fun for us:)

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    1. It’s extraordinary to meet people beyond the wall these days especially meet the aliens and have tea or something with them. But the camera’s quality reminded me of this :https://youtu.be/9t2oPrUDH1I
      Is this conspiracy? Probably, they Day D when you’ll arrive with your spaceship i want exclusivity if i’m not abducted before

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      1. Yes, that Area 51. issue at the video, that place is touristic area for the people, not for the extraterrestrials. Also, you see human being can have so much skill over fantasy that I mentioned before; from only one place it creates thousands of stories. And of course your place is ready, don’t think about it too much:)

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    1. Thankfully social media exist. WordPress is a social media tool also where you can express and write your opinion and thoughts as the commentary above. Thank you!

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