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#Wikileaks : 57,934 emails from Erdogan’s son in law now leaked and prove that Turkey processed ISIS oil. #BeratsBox

La correspondance électronique Berat Albayrak, gendre de Recep Tayyip Erdogan et ministre de l'Energie, révèle ses relations intimes non seulement avec les élites turques, mais, plus embarrassant, avec l'organisation terroriste Daesh. En cause, la compagnie Powertrans, laquelle a bénéficié d'une dérogation à l'embargo imposé à toutes les autres sociétés pétrolières concernant les importations comme les exportations de pétrole en Turquie, notamment en provenance des régions sous contrôle de Daesh.
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The connection of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan΄s family with the oil smuggling from ISIS  is proved after Wikileaks΄ revealing of emails from the Turkish energy minister, and Erdoğan΄s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak. Albayrak΄s emails seem to confirm the not-so-recent accusations, since the energy minister is appealing to be the “unofficial” owner of the oil company Powertrans which is importing oil from the Isis΄ land in Northern Irak to Turkey.

  • The emails span sixteen years from April 2000 to 23 September of this year (including the 15 July coup d’état) and are mostly correspondence between Albayrak and the ruling Turkish elite: politicians, businessmen and family members. The emails reveal the extensive influence Albayrak has over a wide range of areas of Turkish politics and life.

In late September, a Turkish hacker group, RedHack, released the emails of Berat Albayrak, Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Hackers have claimed that they downloaded around 20 gigabytes of data from Albayrak’s email accounts.

As the group started to release the emails through social media, controversial issues have been brought to the surface once again. The Turkish government was quick to react, immediately issuing a court order prohibiting the release of the hacked emails and their publication in the media. The issuance of the court order, however, lends credence to the authenticity of the leaked emails. One of the most contentious issues uncovered with the leaked email communications and documents was the transfer of oil controlled by the so-called Islamic State and the Erdoğan family’s involvement via a company named Powertrans.

More embarrassingly, the emails also show the relationship Albayrak held with ISIS, specifically In the case of Powertrans, which has received exemption to the embargo on imports such as Turkey oil exports.

The emails detail Albayrak’s involvement in organisations such as Powertrans, the company implicated in ISIS oil imports. On 11 November 2011, the Erdoğan government passed a bill prohibiting all import, export, or transfer of oil or its by-products into or out of Turkey. But the bill also stated that the government could revoke the ban in specific cases. This exception was used to grant Powertrans the sole rights to oil transportation without holding a public tender. There have been numerous allegations in the Turkish media about Powertrans’ imports of ISIS-controlled oil to Turkey. Albayrak has repeatedly denied his connection to Powertrans, but the emails prove the opposite.

Perhaps the most strange result, regarding Albayrak’s relation to Powertrans, in the emails is found in a conversation of the Turkish Energy minister and his lawyer, Mustafa Doğan Inal. The lawyer proposes a statement saying “my client no longer has ties with Powertrans…”. Albayrak “corrects” him, saying “what do you mean no longer? I never had ties with this company!” . However, throughout the archive it is clear that Albayrak started being involved in Powertrans in 2012, coinciding with the government’s decision to give Powertrans the rights of oil transportation. The archive contains almost 30 emails exchanged between Albayrak and Betul Yilmaz, the human resources manager of Çalık Holding, a conglomerate of which Albayrak was Chief Executive Officer. Yilmaz seeks approval from Albayrak regarding Powertrans personnel decisions, such as who to hire , and approval of Powertrans salaries .

At its peak of expansion in 2015, the Islamic State control ten offshore oil fields in both Iraq and Syria. The trade in black gold while nearly one-quarter income of “quasi-state”, is estimated between 350 and 600 million per year. In April 2016, after the liberation of Jabisah oilfield in the province of al-Hasakah (Hasaka) North East of Syria, RT revealed (link at the end) in a documentary series following the export of oil via the circuits Syrian city of Raqqa, then via Turkey.

The Wikileaks archive also shows attempts to control the Turkish press and social media in favour of the ruling AKP party.

According to an 11 January 2016 email, Albayrak was lobbying to keep the third most popular media group in Turkey, Ipek, either under the control of the government or to be sold to a business group close to the government, instead of being returned to its rightful owners . The Ipek Group had been seized by police in October 2015.

The email archive details the Turkish government’s crackdown on the media, and shows how serious the situation in Turkey really is.

Last year the situation deteriorated further when Turkish police commandos uploaded videos of themselves killing people and destroying homes onto social media during the Turkish government’s relaunch of armed confrontations against the Kurds. Many Turkish media outlets, already powerless to report on this brazen illegality, became particularly vulnerable just before the November 2015 elections after the break-up of the coalition of the AKP and the Gülen movement, when the government proceeded to forcefully take over Gülen-aligned media.



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    1. Yes this was last year though. But i believe that oil smuggling from Daesh to Turkey has stopped as ISIS has committed several attacks in Turkey.

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