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Ahmet S. Yayla,former senior counter-terrorism official, exposes NATO’s member Turkey and its collaboration with ISIS

A former senior counter-terrorism official in Turkey has blown the whistle on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s deliberate sponsorship of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a geopolitical tool to expand Turkey’s regional influence and sideline his political opponents at home.

For Yayla, Turkey, a key NATO member and purported ally of the West in the fight against ISIS, has now become an open safe haven for jihadists: “ISIS has a large logistical support base in Gaziantep. For example, all of its uniforms are tailored in Gaziantep, maybe over 60,000 of them over the last two years.”

  • Inteview given in English:

Ahmet Yayla who formerly was the deputy chief of the counterterrorism department of the Turkish National Police gives a sense of just how dangerous the Turkish security situation is becoming while he explains how Turkey organised the failed-coup of past July and how it collaborates with ISIS. Ahmet Yayla subsequently served as the head of counterterrorism in the city of Sanliurfa, just north of the Syrian border, from 2012 to 2014. Previously, according to, he had worked in the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Division as a mid-level manager for his entire 20-year police tenure, before becoming Chief of Police in Ankara and Sanliurfa.

In interviews with INSURGE intelligence, Yayla exclusively revealed that he had personally witnessed evidence of high-level Turkish state sponsorship of ISIS during his police career, which eventually led him to resign. He decided to become a whistleblower after Erdogan’s authoritarian crackdown following the failed military coup in July. This is the first time that the former counter-terrorism chief has spoken on the record to reveal what he knows about Turkish government aid to Islamist terror groups.

The former Turkish National Police counter-terrorism chief is speaking out at considerable risk to his own family. Predictably, because of his reporting on de facto cooperation between the Turkish government and ISIS fighters, Ankara has claimed Yayla is a Gülenist, an allegation he flatly denies. As part of Erdogan’s crackdown after the failed military coup in July, Yayla’s 19 year old son was prevented from leaving the country, and eventually arrested on terrorism charges.

Yayla is the first Turkish counter-terrorism official to claim firsthand knowledge of Erdogan’s secret support for Islamist terrorist groups. He has intimate knowledge of the government’s relationship with ISIS, having worked closely with senior government officials in Ankara — including Erdogan himself — to discuss operations.

He said that controversial allegations in the Turkish press concerning support to militant groups in Syria through a Turkish charitable NGO, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), are entirely accurate reflections of a murky relationship between the Turkish government and jihadist groups.



3 thoughts on “Ahmet S. Yayla,former senior counter-terrorism official, exposes NATO’s member Turkey and its collaboration with ISIS”

  1. What can I say? I’m reading, and learning while shaking my head at the absurdity of this world’s varied but so similar leadership, and those who believe in them. While the USA (or is that the “United Bombers of America) can be blamed directly for much of the world’s violent chaos, America’s interference is swimming in a sea of global collusion. I think people in general are going nuts and actually hoping for a major, possibly terminal, conflict. Some sort of “lemming” syndrome seems to be pushing the race to wholesale genocide. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of responding to the unchecked exponential and unsustainable growth of numbers.

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