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What we know about Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s health? Is he really ill?

* A special thanks to an “anonymous contributor” who helped me with this article.

Does the Sultan of  Bosphorus have cancer? Currently, we can only speculate. There are rumours in Turkey. Some say he has epilepsy , some say he has cancer, some say he is just tired and healthy as a horse. If you ask my opinion I don’t believe that he is in very healthy condition.

Rumours regarding his state of health flourish in recent years and recently even more after  media reported that  he fainted inside the mosque ( although this was not immediately confirmed.)during early morning prayers marking Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that ends the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Erdogan said he had suffered from a blood pressure issue due to a sugar imbalance in the body.

“He did not collapse,” said the reporter, Aziz Ozen, who works for Hurriyet, one of Turkey’s leading newspapers. “He just leaned to his left, and they got him right away.”

For the specialists, Ramadan poses no danger to healthy people (apart from caffeine-withdrawal headaches and the potential for dehydration if you’re not careful), but it can be risky for those with existing health conditions like diabetes as Mr Erdogan.

Additionally, there are some article series by Soner Yalçın who writes for Sözcü (“The Spokesman”) a popular Turkish daily newspaper, where he questioned about Tayyip’s illness, and Yalcin also questioned the rigorousness of the decisions taken  by  a person who manages the country and uses so much medicine. Taking into consideration that Tayyip has not got only one illness but more than one  this could be very dangerous for him and the country as he may have some secondary effects from the drugs he uses in order to rule the country and take crucial decisions!

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  • Is Erdogan sick ? 
    What drugs does Erdoğan use? 
    What are the side effects of the drugs that Erdogan uses? 

For the well-known author and columnist Soner Yalçın, so far, it  leaked to the press that Mr. Erdogan had or has problems with hypoglycemia, epilepsy, removal of brain tumor and that he had surgery on his lower intestine . Where’s the truth? Only he knows for sure!

It seems that the author has paid the closest attention to this subject as Mr Erdogan has shown a lot of signs  of  nervousness, aggression, and reactivity. An alteration of the character and the psyche of a person can also be due to medication. This also appears to be the case of the Turkish President acccording to the author:

As a doctor points out to Mr Soner, the medications that Mr Erdogan  used to take justify absolutely his behavior:

“Side effects should be personally assessed. The side effects may be increased by the age, gender, the dose of the drug used, the physical and psychological nature of the person , other diseases present and other medications that he or she is using .

Antiepileptic drugs used in epilepsy / epilepsy treatment have many side effects such as other drugs. Since the chemical structure and mechanism of action of each drug in this group is different, the side effect profile is also different. In general, however, these drugs may have side effects on the central nervous system , since they affect the brain and nerve cells .* (translation from the original language may not be 100% correct)

According to Al-Monitor, speculation that Erdogan has been diagnosed with colon cancer is not new. Since he had surgery on his digestive system in November 2011, followed by a minor operation in February 2012, this has become the most repeated rumor in Ankara.

After his first surgery, it was claimed that more than 20 centimeters (8 inches) of his large intestine were removed, and that the malignant tissue spread to his liver. Then there were rumors that his private residences in Ankara and Istanbul both had a room transformed into a treatment room. It was also said that he had started receiving chemo — a special kind that doesn’t cause hair loss. These allegations prompted the journalist community to keep an even closer eye on Erdogan’s schedule in order to better spot any unexplained absences that would give him time to receive such treatment.

In 2012, A Turkish newspaper on Tuesday published a leaked email from security analysis company Stratfor, that included a report that Erdogan had colon cancer, but officials said the prime minister was in good health. In 2006, rumors say that he suffered from epilepsy when he was supposedly stuck in his car, nearly unconscious, for about 10 minutes in front of Ankara’s Guven Hospital: “The rumor that swirled in Ankara back then was that Erdogan had a tumor on the right side of his brain. Others speculated that it was an epileptic seizure “Tulin Daloglu wrote on  Al-Monitor’s Turkey Pulse.

On Aug. 12, 2013,  Yurt, an opposition-leaning newspaper of minor circulation, ran the headline: “Was He at the Hospital?” The paper claimed that Erdogan became ill after going to the mosque on the first day of Eid to mark the end of Ramadan. “Although he has the custom of visiting his parents’ graves on the eve of the Eid each year, Erdogan broke the tradition this year, and visited them a few days earlier. He disappeared after going to the Suleymaniye mosque for the Eid prayer,” the paper wrote.

Sources: Al-Monitor:

Original Featured Image Credit: Presidential Press Service, via Associated Press



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