How Erdogan’s supporters manipulated the turkish vote in the presidential election

Even from yesterday ,23th of June, the BBC’s Turkish correspondent tweeted a video on Sunday which allegedly showed ballot stuffing at a polling station in Urfa – the video was not independently verified.

Two main candidates posing a tough challenge to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections have cast their votes and vowed vigilance amid fears of possible fraud.

Erdogan and his ruling party are the seen as the front runners in the dual polls but for the first time in his 15-year-rule, the Turkish leader is facing a united and more energized opposition.

Rallies by Muharrem Ince of the secular opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP, have drawn massive crowds, while Meral Aksener of the newly-formed nationalist Good Party is trying to attract conservative votes away from Erdogan’s ruling party.

Just before the end of the counting, Muharrem Ince tweeted that only 37 percent of ballot boxes had actually been counted when Anadolu Agency reported Sunday that more than 85 percent were tallied.

Dokuz 8 News, an independent outlet that has been doing tremendously great work in relaying the ongoing elections to English speaking audiences, has demonstrated various instances of election fraud in Turkey. Therefore, we intend to pass this information also to you.

In the eastern provinces, election fraud complaints are at an all-time high. In the eastern city of Van, several military helicopters brought the ballots with them.

Furthermore, according to Mezopotamya Agency, members of the HDP electoral commission were blocked in Diyarbakir by armed government funded “village guards”.

They entered into four different rural areas in Kulp and intimidated voters, forcing two villages to end voting. The same happened in the neighbourhoods of Agacli, Narcice, Zeyrek and Duzce. Due to voting irregularities in the village of Yukari Haydan in the Egil district, the ballot boxes were closed.

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2 thoughts on “How Erdogan’s supporters manipulated the turkish vote in the presidential election”

  1. – Disruptive Policies –
    We could be witnessing a dangerous worldwide disruptive trend.
    Where disruptive tech and policies, and Nationalists vs Globalists as factions in institutions struggle for control or to survive the implementation of the disruptive international monetary system reset.

    If we were to compare it to a power struggle within organized crime, we may have a better understanding of early 21st century geopolitics in crisis management with odious debt and untrustworthy loan sharks [banksters].

    The ruling class maybe deciding who will sit in the chairs to play the IMS game, but the citizens remain ignorant of the whole picture [hegemony puzzle].
    Apparently, Erdogan’s faction wants to keep a chair to play the IMS game along with the UK, EU, China, U.S., Russia, and others.

    If it is not an accident, but rather policy, then shouldn’t we expect more dangerous disruptions to come?

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    1. With Trump as president of the US the whole system started to collapse in my own opinion.
      Turkey has become the empire of one man and his circle. As we see turkish pound will loose more of its value but Turkey is also a victim of Trump’s global strategy. Turkey has a lot of debt in dollars.


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