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21 Beheadings of Egyptian Christians in Libya : the day when Earth became a land of war and terror

Do you still feel safe at home?

september 9/11

Personally, the last days i don’t. A religion of peace, as the Islam was used to be the last years, has been taken and altered by people having their own agenda motivated by Satan, to kill people all over the globe wherever they can. And they don’t kill only Christians or Jews. They kill Muslims as well, or burn them. What motivates these people of doing that in the name of Islam? Is it the time to impose secularism worldwide or push the rich arab nations instead of financing secretly these anthropoid monsters to go as well ” boots on the ground” in case this is absolutely necessary, in Libya from today (as ISIS in Libya has not the dimension as it has in Syria and Iraq), and exterminate their forces asap.

photos suspect denmark
source twitter screen caption, Denmark suspect
beheadings egypt isis
Beheadings of egyptian christians in Libya, caption.//

The video showed the Egyptian workers, all wearing orange jump suits, being beheaded near a waterfront said to be located in the Libyan province of Tripoli.

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Libya’s situation is getting worst in all magnitudes

Since Muammar Qaddafi was ousted in 2011, Libya has failed to attain stability. Former rebel brigades which once fought side by side have now turned on each other, aligning themselves with rival political factions in a scramble for control.

  • French military intervention in Libya within three months: diplomat

Asharq Al-AwsatFrance could undertake military intervention in Libya within the next three months, an Arab diplomatic source informed Asharq Al-Awsat as French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian gave the strongest indication yet that Paris is considering the move.

“I am ready to bet that this intervention will take place within three months,” the diplomat said.

  • ISIS kills 14 Libyan soldiers, official government says while fights between official government and rival governments.

Islamic State terrorists , have killed 14 Libyan soldiers in the south of the country, the official government said on Saturday (Of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni) (Source: Al-Arabiya).

In separate violence, forces loyal to the internationally recognized government staged air strikes on the port of Misrata, a western city allied to a group (Fajr Libya) that holds the capital Tripoli.

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