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#PrayforTurkey – #PrayforEgypt (fr/en)

  • Egypt: A bomb blast has killed at least 25 people during Sunday mass inside a Cairo church near the main Coptic Christian cathedral, according to Egyptian state TV .

The explosion ripped through St Peter’s Church at around 10:00am local time, wounding at least another 35 people, according to Egyptian security officials.

St Peter’s Church is beside St Mark’s Cathedral, which is the seat of Egypt’s Orthodox Christian church and is home to the office of its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II.(Source: Reuters/ Aljazeera)


  • Turkey: Turkey declared a national day of mourning Sunday after twin blasts in Istanbul killed 38 people and wounded 155 others near a soccer stadium — the latest large-scale assault to traumatize a nation confronting an array of security threats.

The bombs Saturday night targeted police officers, killing 30 of them along with seven civilians and an unidentified person, Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters Sunday. He said 13 people had been arrested in connection with the “terrorist attack.”Soylu spoke at funerals for five of the officers and vowed “revenge.”

Nonetheless, the government immediately imposed a broadcast ban on the Besiktas explosion. It is been said that “these news cause the public’s despondency”. Continue reading #PrayforTurkey – #PrayforEgypt (fr/en)


Vague de violence terroriste en France et en Allemagne : La nouvelle guerre “folle”

Photo: Crédit to Magazine/L’OBS

Face à l’horreur des attaques de ces derniers jours, en France comme en Allemagne, le terme de « folie meurtrière » revient sur toutes les lèvres.  Depuis le déroulement de la scène d’horreur à Nice, en passant par Munich et en arrivant aujourd’hui aux faits de  l’attentat dans une église à Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray , près de Rouen, le terrorisme  a tendance à se généraliser sur le territoire français et allemand.  Continue reading Vague de violence terroriste en France et en Allemagne : La nouvelle guerre “folle”