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Mise à jour de la situation en Syrie & Irak en date du 14 Décembre, 2016

*situation décrite par les médias, les sources et la réalité,comme elles décrivent sur place, ne peuvent pas être vérifiées. Il s’agit d’une guerre où la propagande se propage très facilement à travers les medias.

La guerre en Syrie a entamé sa sixième année. Un printemps arabe qui a fini en détruisant tout le pays.  Une guerre qui a fait des centaines de milliers de morts et des millions de déplacés internes et réfugiés. Un pays ravagé et détruit, on pourrait pourtant être pardonné de penser que c’est une situation sans précédent et du jamais vu en Syrie. Certes, le pays a déjà connu des guerres civiles, mais en ce qui concerne le bilan humanitaire, la guerre est l’une des pires ou peut-être la pire qu’on a vécu pendant l’histoire récente du Moyen-Orient.

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Turkey has finally decided to chase away “ISIS freaks” away from its border with Syria.

Update 20:30 Paris Time: Daesh retreats in Jarablus for Al-Bab more south because of orders of the commanders in Raqqa to “prevent the loss of more members”.

Jarabulus map capture 24 August 2016
SDF forces now sharing a frontline with Turkey foreign legion as SDF took over Ayn al-Bayda south to #Jarablus. Source: https://twitter.com/Syria_Rebel_Obs
  • According to the Daily Sabah (Turkish pro-AKP) elements of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) backed by Turkish air and ground support encircled the Daesh-held northern Syrian town of Jarablus as part of the joint Turkey-anti Daesh coalition operation dubbed Euphrates Shield on Wednesday, and took control of the town later in the day.

    An opposition commander with the Failaq al Sham group, who requested anonymity, told reporters that most of the Daesh fighters in Jarablus had pulled out, some of them surrendering.

    Another commander estimated up to 50 percent of the town was now under the control of the Turkish-backed opposition fighters.

    “Daesh fighters have withdrawn from several villages on the outskirts of Jarablus and are heading south towards the city of al Bab,” the Failaq al Sham commander said.

As the Sultan stated, just before Turkey and coalition allies launch air strikes Wednesday morning against the Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) stronghold of Jarabulus on the Syrian side of the Syrian-Turkish border,patience has run out” for Turkey. (According to Anadolu Agency, Turkish State News). The operation has the code name of Euphrates Shield Operation‘.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe Biden visits Turkey Wednesday for a brief trip set to last several hours, in between a trip to Latvia and Sweden. United States will request from Turkey to put all its preasure on fighting ISIS (Daesh) a group that seemed  not to worry as much Ankara as the Turkish air force concentrates its forces on bombing PKK and YPG positions. The latter airstrikes were considered especially unhelpful by Washington, since the YPG is a US ally against Daesh and the most effective in fighting them.

Turkish Armed Forces and air forces belonging to the U.S.-led international coalition launched an operation against Daesh in an effort to clear the Syrian city of Jarablus from the terror group, Turkish officials told Anadolu Agency.

Daesh targets were "neutralized" as Turkish forces used intense artillery fire against the militants in Jarablus in a retaliatory strike, officials said.

Daesh militants in Jarabulus had sent mortar shells on Turkish territory last week, prompting a strong Turkish response.

AT 1:17 p.m. - Free Syrian Army fighters have captured Keklice village some three kilometers from the Turkish border and five kilometers west of Jarabulus city center. Sources reported that the fighters are preparing for an offensive moving towards the east to central Jarablus.

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