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Israeli – Palestinian Conflict and Propaganda

  • (First published in 2015)


  • The Western Propaganda in favor (or not) of Israel

charlie hebdo israelo-palestinian
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict “Stop Everything! God does not exist

Daily headlines and front-page news coverage connects often Israeli and Palestinian actions in a particular way: Israel is usually depicted as reacting to Palestinian provocations.

 During the latest Israeli assault on Gaza during the summer of 2014, the news media emphasized in countless items that the Israeli military responded to rocket attacks by Hamas. As an example, the German press argued Israel would hesitate to “retaliate” to rocket fire from Gaza (FAZ.NET, 9 July 2014), had “retorted the attacks” (Bild.de, 10. Juli 2014), or “responds to rocket fire“ (SpiegelOnline, 11. Juli 2014).
Such usual framing of issues in the Israli-Palestinien conflict implied a cause (Hamas) and effect (violent confrontation) framework that promotes a particular solution such as Israeli military offensive actions to stop Hamas’s rockets.

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Les clés pour comprendre l’évolution de la relation entre la Turquie et les Frères musulmans (Analyse)

*The key to understanding the evolution of the relationship between Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood

La Société des Frères musulmans (arabe : جمعية الأخوان المسلمين ; jamiat al-Ikhwan al-muslimin), raccourcie en Frères musulmans(الإخوان المسلمون ; al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn), est une organisation transnationale islamique sunnite fondée en 1928 par Hassan el-Banna, à Ismaïlia dans le nord-est de l’Égypte, se composant d’un appareil militaire et d’une organisation ouverte, dont l’objectif officiel est la renaissance islamique et la lutte non-violente ,contre « l’emprise laïque occidentale » et « l’imitation aveugle du modèle européen » en terre d’Islam.

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