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The New Balance of Power in the Middle East – Analysis (2)

Iran, Iraq, Lebanon & “Kurdistan”

As Bernard-Henri Levy said (who i don’t like personally for a very obvious reason)“The Kurdish nation is persecuted for ages and condemned to death by ISIS jihadis, but this people have survived and their executioners are dead. This is one of the strongest elements of legitimacy of a nation”

“An independent Kurdistan it will be a little state in size but big in value,” Levy concluded. “There are many examples in the world. Many small states in size but big in value, fight and commitment,”“And the Kurds fighting against ISIS is a sign that the moment will come and very soon I hope.”

Nonetheless, one of the fundamental questions regarding the creation of an independent state called Kurdistan is under what conditions stability will prevail in the Middle East after the creation of such a state. An independent Kurdistan, strengthened by resolute US support, probably will disrupt any territorial ambitions from Iran as Kurds . In the Kurdish population both sects Shia Sunni are represented, but the majority is the Sunni group. If we consider alevism part of shiism, it is usually said around 75% of Kurds are Sunni, 20% Shia and 5% for other religions. Continue reading The New Balance of Power in the Middle East – Analysis (2)