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Cyprus has been split on ethnic lines since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the north of the island in response to a short-lived coup by Greek Cypriot militants seeking union with Greece.

In recent months Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been negotiating to try to end their decades-long conflict and have asked the United Nations to prepare for a new peace conference in early March.

A UN envoy is now urging both sides to seize an opportunity for peace, warning it could be years before such a chance arises again.

Euronews Insiders visited the divided island to speak with Cypriot people on both sides of the divide.

In 1974, fighting pushed Greek Cypriots from Morphou to the south. Turkish Cypriots fled to the north. The conflict displaced tens of thousands of Cypriots including the Kandulu family. The abandoned houses were distributed through a kind of lottery system.

Checkpoints opened in 2003 allowing access between the two sides through a UN-patrolled buffer zone.

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En 1974, les combats ont poussé les Chypriotes grecs de Morphou vers le sud tandis que les Chypriotes turcs ont fui au nord. Résultat : des dizaines de milliers de personnes déplacées comme les Kandulu. Dans la région de Morphou, les maisons abandonnées par les Chypriotes grecs ont été attribuées par tirage au sort aux milliers de familles de réfugiés chypriotes turcs venus du sud.

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À Chypre, près de Morphou, dans la partie nord de cette île divisée, nous nous rendons sur des parcelles d’orangers. Celles-ci s‘étendent à perte de vue dans la région. Sur place, on parle turc. Dans le sud du territoire, on parle grec. Les négociations en vue d’une réunification se sont intensifiées ces derniers mois même si en janvier, une conférence sous l‘égide de l’ONU n’avait abouti à aucune avancée concrète.

La partition de l‘île n’a rien d’immuable. Au sud, dans le village de Kiti, un couple en est la preuve vivante. Ces musiciens – l’un chypriote grec, l’autre chypriote turque – viennent d’avoir un enfant. Arion grandira-t-il dans une Chypre réunifiée dont la nouvelle conférence internationale prévue en mars pourrait être l‘étape décisive ?

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Russian Military Bases in Cyprus. Denied by Cypriot officials// Bases Militaires Russes déployées à Chypre: Le gouvernement chypriote a nié une telle probabilité

During the last two-three days an information was making the round on internet that Russia is getting military bases in Cyprus. Cyprus wanted always to have good relations with both Russia and Europe.

russian military exercice

In any case, is not Cyprus fault that a lot of Russians during the last years invested huge amounts of money in Cyprus:

The response of the american-driven Europe was to hit severely the Cypriot banks when Cyprus asked for financial help from the Eurozone Groupe. Cyprus was hit by the greek crisis, and after the Greek bailout, Cyprus banks lost a lot of money. Cyprus, when entered the European Union, it didn’t benefice from the European fonds as much as the other new EU members as it was considered as a “rich country”. European Union failed to restructure the Cypriot economy, and nowadays the real economy of the island are the forex -binary companies regulated (somehow, sometimes “with one eye blindfold”) by CySec and tourism. Europe failed as well to get involved into the Cypriot community problem. The north of Cyprus is the 6th most militarized zone in the world.Therefore, Cyprus has always accepted the hand offered by Russia to “help” instead of committing a “sudden suicide”.

Russia Today reported that “Russians have transferred over $30 billion (around $1 trillion roubles) to Cyprus over the past twenty years, according to a study published by a group of economists from Russia, Finland and Canada.“Some not exhaustive reports, written during the Cyprus bank crisis of 2013, went as far as saying that Cyprus has become “a major money laundering machine for Russian criminals”.

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