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An attempt to analyse the main issues regarding Erdogan’s historic visit in Athens, Greece

For the first time in 65 years a Turkish president is visiting Greece amid hopes of a breakthrough on the Cyprus issue and other bilateral issues. Preparations for the Turkish President’s visit to Greece lasted seven months according to Euronews. As is well known, Erdogan’s visit was launched when the Greek Foreign Minister, Mr Kotzias  gave him an oral invitation to visit the country during their meeting in Ankara at the end of October. 

Mr. Erdogan is scheduled to visit Greece, tomorow,on Dec. 7-8 .A lot is at stake for this two-day trip.It is being billed as historic and may represent a chance to break the deadlock on Cyprus, and other bilateral issues for the two  NATO members which on occasions in the recent past have come close to conflict. At the same time, a major security operation is being set up in the Greek capital ahead of his planned visit to the country.

Mr. Erdogan has visited Greece before — twice as prime minister in 2004 and 2010 — and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim visited in June, but there has not been a visit by a head of state since Turkey’s third president, Celal Bayar, made a trip in 1952.

Erdogan, since he came to power in 2002, displayed a deceptive mask. He appeared as a “light” Islamist and there was a reason: After the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York, the West turned angrily against Islam. Erdogan, in the face of the so-called “Islamic democrat”, built the image of a “progressive” leader who sought to make a more “european Turkey” and integrate it into the European Union. Many in Cyprus and Greece, among them,  N. Anastasiades, now the president of the Republic of Cyprus, were seeing in Erdogan a face of a  “European” and “Democratic” leader, who was ready to solve the Cyprus problem and discuss all issues.

Since then, the masks have fallen and the real face of Erdogan has been revealed: a real dictator, arrogant, a murderer of his own people, adopting expansive and aggressive policy against all Turkey’s neighbors and even corrupted most of the greek media report. Continue reading An attempt to analyse the main issues regarding Erdogan’s historic visit in Athens, Greece

Analysis- What happened in Turkey ?-Part 2 : The politics and the impact of the coup d’état attempt inside and beyond Turkey.

Part 1 here

The failed coup d’état attempt developments in Turkey are faced as a serie of events of a myth story against a reality one. And is not easy  to distinguish which story is a myth or reality mainly when it comes to the myth that the democracy won in Turkey after the failed  coup!

On the contrary,  the existing anti-democratic and undemocratic monocracy of the Sultan won the threat of the military junta. In both cases  there has been, for a long time now, one single loser: Democracy .Turkey experienced in the past  a total of 6 military coups during the last 50 years: in 1960,  1971 :Turkish military memorandum, 1980, 1993, 1997 and last Friday’s coup.

It is probably worth pointing out in the first instance that the traditional rivalry in Turkish society has been between secularists (including those in the army) who look to the modern state’s founder, Kemal Atatürk, and Islamists – not least Erdogan’s AKP party.

With the establishment of a well-organized ISIS network inside the turkish territory which conducts often terrorist attacks and with the islamist ruling of Mr Erdogan,  people who want to establish an Islamic revolution law (see Iran) into the country they feel more powerful themselves now in this post-coup Turkey. A tangible sign showing that democracy is the big loser after this coup is that we didn’t see any Occupy Gezi protester or partisans from other opposition parties to go out and protest as the AKP one’s did.

The United States and the European Union stepped up pressure on Monday on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to not use an attempted coup as an excuse for an authoritarian crackdown.Officials even suggested that Turkey’s continued membership in NATO and its aspirations of joining the European Union could be at stake. Meanwhile all public officials in Turkey are not allowed of living the country.

Continue reading Analysis- What happened in Turkey ?-Part 2 : The politics and the impact of the coup d’état attempt inside and beyond Turkey.