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Avant Daesh et après Daesh à Mossoul, les ravages de la guerre //Satellite Images before and after Daesh in Mosul documenting the devastation of war(EN/fr)

In June 2014, ISIS seized control  Mosul, the second biggest city in Iraq,in a powerful demonstration of the threat posed by a rapidly expanding extremist army to the fragile stability of Iraq and the wider region.

Two years later, in 2016 Iraqi Prime Minister announced the beginning of the operation  to retake Mosul from ISIS, helped by the international coalition.  And on the 9th of July, after several  months of heavy war,the city was liberated.

During the operation, Iraq’s military has suffered heavy losses in Mosul, and the battle to retake it has brought death and destruction on the city and its people.The fighting has uprooted most of Mosul’s inhabitants. About 900,000 people have been displaced, roughly half of the city’s pre-war population, aid agencies estimate. Most are in squalid displacement camps nearby, suffering through sweltering summer heat.

Caught in the crossfire, thousands of civilians lost their lives in the fighting. ISIL prevented residents from escaping, and even herded villagers from nearby settlements into Mosul. The militants fought Iraqi forces from houses packed with terrified families, and the return fire and air strikes from the US-led coalition frequently killed civilians used as human shields by the extremist group. The death toll is really high: 2 500 to 4 000 deaths and all zones of the city destroyed by 55 %. The streets are in ruins and buildings completely destroyed even if some families managed to resist during the war!

fr: En juin 2014, la ville de Mossoul tombait entre les mains de l’organisation Etat islamique (EI). Deux ans plus tard, le premier ministre irakien annonçait le début de l’opération de reconquête, aidée par la coalition internationale. Et c’est le 9 juillet, après des mois de guerre, que la ville était reprise. Mais le bilan est lourd : 2 500 à 4 000 morts et des zones détruites à 55 %. Les rues sont en ruine, les bâtiments à terre et quelques familles ont réussi à résister pendant les attaques. 

  • Image Credit: Video Caption